Angel: the Series: Angel/Wesley: NC17: WIP: Incomplete

Title: Brief Ending to the Cold
Disclaimer: I do not own Angel or anything else involving the show. That honor goes to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox.
Author: TiaLorna
Summary: Angel is feeling the cold. Wesley gives him the warmth. Oh there will be more.
Spoilers: Everything up to now and a few rumors.
Rating: NC 17 for Sex even though it isn't too graphic.
Pair: A/W for all you wangels out there.
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Dedication: To Pet & Charis they rock.
Author's note: Been some time since I wrote any kind of slash. Not what I usually write. Feedback would be nice.
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Part 1

It had been a rough day and Angel was exhausted and feeling as if his world was coming to an end. All the fighting of evil seemed to be going no where, fast. It seemed as if no matter what he did evil kept coming back ten fold.

Looking out the window of his penthouse he felt isolated from the world below. As if he didn't belong any more. As if he was losing touch with reality.

He didn't even recognize his own friends any more they had changed so much since they had all come to Wolfram & Hart. He had his doubts now about if he did the right thing. That he should have just let Connor go, let him end up in jail or dead by someone else's hand.

When Cordelia had finally come out of her coma and seemed to be her old self he thought that things would get better. But they didn't, she left and he had know idea where she was at or if she was even alive.

Sighing Angel sat down on his couch and closed his eyes. The sun felt cold to him coming through the treated windows. He never got any warmth from it. All he got was a reminder of the things that were denied him. Oh Wolfram & Hart gave him many things but not the one thing he really needed. What he needed was to not feel so alone in the world. To have a true and honest warmth in his cold, empty life.

"So sunbathing?"

Angel opened his eyes to find a rather disheveled Wesley standing in his doorway.

"No, not exactly. Ever notice how cold the sun is coming in through the windows here?"

Wesley went over to the window and looked out, "I guess it is. I have never really noticed."

Angel stood up and went over to Wesley, "I am so cold. I can't feel any warmth at all. I feel more dead than usual. Help me Wesley."

Angel leaned his head down on Wesley's shoulder. Wesley a bit surprised found himself putting his arms around Angel.

"How can I help Angel?"

Angel wrapped his strong arms around Wesley, "This is helping."

Wesley smiles slightly, "Oh, okay."

He pushes Angel away. Looking over at the bar, "Let's have a few drinks."

Hurries over to the bar, "How about some of this fine Irish Whiskey you have stocked. After our fight with those vampires and their worshippers I could use a drink or two."

Angel shrugs and goes sits down on the couch, "Yeah bring me a bottle and get one for yourself."

Wesley raises his eyebrows, "A bottle each? Of course."

Angel gave a half smile, "Irish Whiskey can warm a cold heart."

Wesley went over to Angel and handed him a bottle, "Or at least make you forget the cold for a spell."

Opening the bottle Angel takes a swig, "You sound like a man of experience when it comes to being cold."

Wesley eased down on the couch next to Angel and opened his own bottle of whiskey, "Yes, I guess so."

He raised his bottle, "To all the cold lonely hearts may they find warmth no matter how brief."

Angel saluted him and drank, "Here, here."

Later: Angel drunk crawled over to Wesley and curled up against him, "Hey buddy you awake?"

Wesley rolled over, "Yeah, I was just inspecting the inside of my eyelids."

Angel giggled rather insanely, "Have you ever done it with a guy?"

Wesley frowned then nodded, "Back in school a few times. It was do it or else."

Angel flopped back and stared at the ceiling, "Yeah, I had that happen to me when I was a wee lad in Ireland. A man of the cloth my Mother trusted used me. But then when I got my fangs I sure taught him a lesson."

Wesley turned over onto his side and propped himself up on his elbow, "Oh I bet you did. Gave the old goat a right scare."

Angel giggled, "He let me into his place so trusting. He was in Dublin by then and had no idea that little Liam had died. Oh the look on his face when I changed into my true visage. Just priceless."

Wesley laughed so hard he fell forward landing on Angel. Angel giggled and put his arms around Wesley.

"If you want me all you had to do was ask without breaking me ribs."

Wesley stared into Angel's eyes, "Oh really? Kiss me Angel."

Angel pulled Wesley into his arms and rolled them over. He hesitantly at first nibbled at Wesley's lips before kissing him.

Wesley wrapped his arms around Angel and deepened the kiss. In his whiskey befuddled brain warning signals went off but he chose to ignore them.

Having Angel hold him so tightly felt good. Angel pulled back letting Wesley breathe.

Slowly Angel unbuttoned Wesley's shirt. He leaned down and began kissing the exposed skin. Lapping at the flesh. Nipping here and there with his blunt teeth.

Wesley groaned, "Oh yes, please."

Angel looked up into Wesley's lust filled eyes and smirked, "Like that do we?"

Wesley smiled as he reached for Angel's sweater, "Oh my yes."

Wesley yanked the sweater off over Angel's head. He reached up and not so gently pinched Angel's nipples. Angel growled low in his throat.

Quickly the rest of the clothing was discarded and tossed around the room.

Angel savored Wesley with his tongue. Leaving a wet trail along the way. Wesley moaned with each bite, each lick, with each touch.

Wesley pushed Angel off him. He crawled along Angel's body taking in the soft yet firm flesh. So cool and smooth to the touch. He sucked on each of Angel's nipples, making the vampire give off a lusty growl.

Angel panted not from needing the air but from the sheer pleasure of being touched by a warm hand and mouth.

Ah that mouth was so warm as it engulfed his hard cock. Wesley took as much as Angel's cock into his mouth as he could. The slight salty taste lingered on his tongue. He flicked his tongue along the shaft, knowing just where to touch.

Angel thrust his hips against Wesley's face, trying to get even deeper.

"I need you."

Wesley looked up at Angel and slowly slid Angel's cock from his mouth, "I'm all yours."

Angel grabbed a whiskey bottle that still had a few drops in it. He looked over at Wesley as he poured the whiskey over his cock.

Slowly Angel eased into Wesley. The tightness almost driving him insane. So long..too long since he'd felt this kind of warmth.

Wesley moaned as he felt Angel's hard cock slide into him. Even though it had been a while the pain was little. More pleasure than anything else.

Angel stilled as he settled himself completely in Wesley. He closed his eyes and began to thrust gently at first. Picking up speed as Wesley thrust back.

Angel rocked against Wesley. Hearing flesh slapping against flesh. He growled as he exploded. His cum filling Wesley.

Angel held there a bit until he was done. He slowly pulled out of Wesley. Wesley lay back and sighed.

Angel leaned down and kissed Wesley before lowering his head and took Wesley's cock into his cool mouth.

Wesley closed his eyes as Angel sucked and licked him. As he felt cool hands massage his balls. He came quickly spilling his warm cum into Angel's mouth. Angel lapped at the cum until there was none left.

Angel lay back and closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Wesley curled against Angel and soon followed him into sleep.


Part 2

It was cold and he hurt. Something wasn't right but his mind was still not working quite right. Plus he had a headache to end all heandaches.

Trying to shift positions he groaned. The floor was cold and damp feeling and very hard. Groaning he tried to move his arms and couldn't they seemed to be held in place.

Taking a deep breath Wesley forced his eyes to open and wished he hadn't.

Moving his head he determined he was chained to a concrete floor. The ceiling above had pipes and other conduits crisscrossing along it's spanse. Water dripped from a couple of the pipes.

Wesley closed his eyes and tried to remember the last thing he was doing. Oh yes, Angel, whiskey and oh hell sex with Angel. But that still didn't explain why or where he was at the moment. And Angel where was he?

A sharp slap to his face made him open his eyes. Frowning he focused on the face hovering above him.

"Angel good you're here where ever the hell here is."

A slightly mad chuckle, "Now Wes my boy you just don't get it do you? Well, let me explain. As it turns out just a real good fuck that makes Angel feel content and wanted and well human is what does it. You didn't make him perfectly happy like little Buff did but you made him feel wanted enough to trigger me."

Wesley stared at him and groaned, "Angelus."

"Ah now you're catching on. You are after all the brains of the group or was until perky little Fred showed up. Now there is a nice tasty morsel, a little skinny but still yummy."

Wesley jerked on his restraints, "Stay away from her."

Angelus laughed, "Or what? Man Wes she doesn't even know you're alive. To her you're just the big brother. You will never have a chance with her of course now you might never have a chance with anyone."

Wesley stared up at the ceiling, "Fine kill me, torture me do your worst."

Angelus stood, "Not yet see I got plans for you. Yeah big plans and that means you get to stay alive for now. Of course I can't have you going and yapping your mouth off at everyone. Warning them that I'm back. So you will just lay there like a good little ex-watcher and wait to see what I have in store for you."

Wesley took a deep breath, "Angelus you won't win."

Angelus went over to Wesley and kicked him in the ribs. Wesley swore he heard one break.

"Wes. If no one knows I'm back I will win. First I gotta go teach Connor a lesson. Oh yeah mind wipe you don't remember Connor, Angel's son the baby you kidnapped then had him taken from you. Torn from this world and sent to a hell dimension. Came back all grown up and gave Angel hell. Well, he is gonna get it back in spades."

Wesley frowned, "You're insane vampires can't have babies."

Angelus squatted next to Wesley, "Think about all the empty memories. How did you get that scar on your neck? Who put Angel in that steel box and sent him to the bottom of the ocean. Who slept with Cordelia? Who betrayed all of you for that goddess? Do you have the answers to those questions?"

Wesley stared at Angelus, "No, I don't."

"That prophecy "And the Father shall kill the son" it came true. Angel did slash Connor's throat but it didn't kill the boy. No, he, thanks to Wolfram & Hart has a whole new life with family, friends everything except the memory of his true Father."

Wesley swallowed, "Then why bother with him?"

Angelus growled softly, "Because he is my son and he needs to be reminded of that. Angel gave him up. I never would have."

Wesley smiled slightly, "Ah male pride that whole load of crap. Do you think the boy would welcome you with open arms? I doubt it very much. You are just a monster Angel on the other hand is much more."

Angelus leaned down. He looked into Wesley's eyes, "Monster am I?"

Angelus held up a thin bladed dagger, "Now isn't this a beauty? And very sharp."

Wesley gasped as Angelus slowly ran the blade along his chest down his stomach then back up along his side. It hurt more that he wanted Angelus to know.

Gasping slightly, "Angelus if you keep this up I could die or else you will be found out."

Angelus nodded as he made a slight carving on Wesley's chest, "Hmm you are right."

Wesley licked his lips, "I will be missed. I have meetings to attend if I don't show they will come looking for me."

Angelus stopped carving and smirked at Wesley.

Angelus stood up, "If I didn't need you to be alive for later I'd kill you right here and now."

Wesley stared at Angelus, "Maybe you should."

Angel went over to his coat, "Nah got plans for you."

Wesley lay there he could hear Angelus' fading footsteps then the closing of a heavy steel door.

Angelus made his way to the garage with all those gorgeous cars. He was whistling a low tune as he swaggered from car to car trying to decide which one to take.

Finally he chose the viper. The best one of the lot. Getting into the car he smirked. Pulling out of the garage he never saw the other figure lingering nearby.

Spike stepped out of the shadows and frowned. He knew who that really was. Somehow Angelus was on the loose.

Part 3

Spike stood there a few minutes and decided to see what Angelus had been doing instead of trying to follow him. Using his vampire senses Spike was able to follow the trail Angelus had left.

Entering the room he stopped and stared at Wesley. Seeing that the man was still alive Spike went over and quickly undid the chains.

"What the bloody hell happened?"

Wesley moaned slightly, "Too much to drink."

Spike sniffed a little. "Yeah right. Here let me help you up."

Wesley groaned as he stood up, "Penthouse would be best."

Spike frowned, "How the hell am I to get a naked, bloody man all the way up there?"

Wesley frowned, "Not sure but Angelus managed to get me down here."

Spike looked around and spotted a blanket, "This I know is from the penthouse."

Spike went over and picked up the blanket. Going back to Wesley he wrapped it around him.

"Maybe we will get lucky and know one will spot us as we head to the elevator."

Wesley leaned on Spike, "No one comes down here but Angel. He has a workout room set up here."

Spike practically carrying Wesley got them to Angel's private elevator. At the penthouse floor. Spike checked to make sure there was no one about before he led Wesley into the penthouse.

Wesley sank to his knees, "It's all my fault. I ignored the warning bells in my head."

Spike shrugged, "Whatever. It's done. Now I need to make sure you're okay before I go round up Angelus."

Wesley looked up at Spike, "I'll be fine go find him and be quick he is going after some boy."

Spike frowned, "He took the Viper but I can find him."

Wesley nodded, "Bring him back we need him. I'll get cleaned up and then get what will be needed to resoul him."

Spike gave Wesley one more look, "Sure don't dust the crazy evil Angelus."

Wesley sat there and watched as Spike hurried away. When he heard the closing of the elevator door he managed to get to feet.

Going into the bathroom Wesley showered. He found his clothes scattered around the living room area and got dressed. His cuts had stopped bleeding for now. He knew would need to get them attended to later.

Groaning Wesley went down to a room only he knew about. Going inside he gathered the items needed to give Angel back his soul. Now all he needed was a powerful witch or two and Angelus.

Part 4

Spike quietly entered the room where they kept the tracking equipment for each car. Going over to the person keeping an eye on things Spike grinned.

"Hey mate I got a bet going with Angel. He's in the Viper and I need to find him. I have an hour to track him down can you help?"

The guy looked up. He didn't really like Angel all that much so if helping Spike would make Angel lose a bet he'd help Spike all he could.

"Sure give me a minute or two."

Spike stood there almost twitching as he waited. He looked the equipment over wondering what did what.

"Here he is. He is heading towards the coast. He is near Malibu. You'll have a hard time catching him in that car."

Spike nodded, "I know got any ideas?"

"Well, there is the helicopter with the right bribe the pilot will take you anywhere. I can relay him the coordinates for the Viper even"

Spike grinned, "Oh really."

Nodding "You'll find Cord not far from his precious toy up on the roof near the helipad. Tell him Kurt sent you"

Spike nodded as he opened the door, "Later and thanks I owe you one."

Spike took the elevator to the roof. Looking around he found the small room and Cord.

"Hey I need to have you fly me out to Malibu you can get the coordinates from Kurt."

Cord looked up, "So who we tracking?"

Spike grinned, "Angel it's bet."

Cord shrugged, "Sure why not I have nothing else to do."

Spike was nervous as they lifted off. He could hear Cord talking to Kurt.

Soon they were flying high over L.A. heading west. The early night sky was actually beautiful from up here.

A little later Cord pointed, "There he is. We will see where he is headed for now."

Spike nodded, "Yeah that'll work."

They watched the Viper as it finally pulled into a parking lot at Pepperdine University.

"I'll set you down not too far away. There is a helipad."

As soon as they landed Spike was out and running. He'd made note of which way to go.

When he was getting near the Viper he slowed down. The car was still parked where Angelus had left it. Spike looked around and took several deep breaths.

With a smirk Spike followed his grandsire's scent. He'd be able to follow that bastard anywhere.

Spike paused. The dorms was where Angelus was headed. Wesley said something about a boy. Must go to school here and have a room.

The third dorm over Spike found a door slightly open. Not wanting to step into a trap Spike circled around and found a fire escape and went up to the roof.

Now all he had to do was find Angelus. In the stairwell between the second and third floor Spike heard screams coming from below.

Spike quickly made his way to the next floor. Entering the hallway he spotted several doors open. And Angelus dragging someone.

"Angelus drop the kid."

Angel swung around, "Spike my boy."

Spike stepped forward, "He's still alive so just let him go."

Angelus grinned, "I could just snap his neck but then he won't be able to tell me where his roomie is."

Spike shook his head, "Dumb fuck you don't want to do this."

Angelus smirked, "They sure did neuter you. Come on are you really all that concerned with the boy or is it Angel?"

Spike shrugged, "Could care less about any one but Angel is needed...unfortunately."

Angelus tossed the boy aside making him hit his head, knocking him out.

"Good just lay there like a good puppy until I need you."

Angelus turned to Spike, "Take me if you can."

Spike growled as he made his first move. His fist connected with Angelus' jaw snapping his head back. Angelus countered with a kick to Spike's midsection.

Spike grunted as he staggered back. He really didn't want to fight Angelus.

Angelus lunged for Spike. Grabbing him by the collar of his coat. He slung Spike down the hall. Spike hit the wall with a hard thump almost knocking him out.

Looking up he spied the fire extinguisher. Getting up he grabbed it off the wall and advanced on Angelus.

Angelus bent over to get the boy didn't move fast enough and Spike hit him over the head.

Angelus staggered back and sank to his knees. Spike swung the fire extinguisher once more. The loud smack as it hit Angelus' face made Spike wince.

Angelus went down and out. With a grunt Spike pulled Angelus into a empty dorm room. Looking around Spike spotted some clothing and a couple belts.

After making sure Angelus was good and tied up Spike carried him out to the Viper. He guessed they were lucky it was a weekend and most of the students were away.

Part 5

Spike pulled up in the garage of the W&H building. He'd called ahead letting Wesley know he had the prey. Angelus had woke up on the drive back. With his mouth gagged all he could do was grunt.

Struggling with Angelus Spike finally got him into the elevator and up to the penthouse.

Wesley was waiting for them. He had two powerful witches waiting with him.

Spike tossed the tied up Angelus into the center of the circle they had drawn.

"He's all yours."

Lowering the lights the witches began to chant. Their voices though low filled the room. Angelus lay there growling through his gag.

Lights flowed through the room. One light entered a globe that rested on a table. As the chanting continued the light left the globe and flowed into Angelus.

His eyes glowed. He shuddered and went very still. The chanting stopped.

One of the witched turned to Wesley, "It is done his soul has been returned and as requested it is now anchored."

Wesley smiled slightly, "Thank you very much."

The two witches turned and left the penthouse.

Wesley turned to Angel. He carefully untied him and removed the gag.

Angel was out cold. Wesley turned to Spike, "Help me get him into bed."

Spike shrugged and went over and hoisted Angel up, "Sure. You want me to leave or stick around in case?"

Wesley shook his head, "You can go. I'll be fine."

After Spike had laid Angel down on his bed he hurried out. As he left, "I'll keep an eye out though."

Wesley sitting next to Angel, "Thanks Spike."

Wesley sat there watching Angel.

Part 6

Angel slowly woke up. His head hurt and he had a sour taste in his mouth. Opening his eyes he sees Wesley stretched out next to him.

Sitting up with a moan Angel tried to remember the night before. Drinking, talking and sex.

Angel gulped what he remembered next was it a bad dream or did Angelus emerge and torture Wesley.

Finding his voice Angel softly spoke, "Wesley. Hey wake up."

Wesley heard Angel's voice. He opened his eyes and smiled when he saw his old friend was indeed back.

"Angel you're you."

Angel frowned, "I take it by that statement that Angelus paid a visit."

Wesley sat up winced, "Ah yeah he did but I survived. Spike was able to subdue him."

Angel slowly reached out and touched Wesley's chest, "He cut you up if I recall."

Wesley nodded, "He did but it's nothing."

Angel shook his head, "Let me see what he did to you."

Wesley looked at Angel, "Are you sure?"

Angel swallowed, "Yes, now open your shirt."

Slowly Wesley unbuttoned his shirt. Looking at Angel he opened it revealing the slim cut lines that ran along his chest.

Angel reached out and ran his fingers gently along one of the cuts, "Oh I am so sorry he did this to you."

Wesley sighed, "I'll heal. Just more scars to add to the others."

Angel looked into Wesley's eyes, "I should just take a walk in the sunshine all I do is bring pain to the ones I care about. As long as I am here he is to."

Wesley scooted closer to Angel, "I had the witches who resouled you anchor it. He can't get out again."

Angel shook his head, "That's too easy."

Wesley leaned over and ran his fingers along Angel's cheek, "It's true. I seen to it. We will get through this, together."

Angel felt so tired he leaned his head against Wesley's shoulder, "I hope you are right. That he can't pay us any more visits I don't think I could handle much more."

Wesley wrapped his arms around Angel and pulled him down on the bed, "Angel you can do it. I'll be here for you."

Angel felt silent tears start to flow, "After what I did I find it hard to believe that you want to be here with me."

Wesley sighed, "It wasn't you Angel. I know the difference between the two of you and Angel you are a good man despite what you may think."

The warmth from Wesley was making Angel drowsy. It felt good to be held. It made him feel a little bit of hope.

"Wesley will you be here when I wake up?"

Wesley nodded, "Hush now and rest. I'll watch over you. I promise I'll be here when you awake."

Angel closed his eyes and willed himself to relax and go to sleep.

Wesley lay there holding Angel. He could tell when he'd fallen asleep.