TITLE:  Mad Maxed
FANDOM:  Mad Max

CHALLENGE:  Use opening line - "I want you"
RATING:  NC-17 some chapters
WARNING:  M/M slash, B/D-ish, violence, angst, language
CATEGORY: First time
DISCLAIMER:  The usual - don't own them, not trying to make any profit, etc, etc.
CHARACTERS:  From the movie -
Main Force Patrol officers Max Rockatansky, Jim Goose and their commander Fifi.  All others - original minor characters.
SUMMARY:  Takes place before the events of the first movie.  Max is not married, has not met his future wife Jesse and is in for a surprise about his partner on the force and his own feelings about what he truly needs in a lover.
AUTHOR:  Max (Sometimes known as MaxG)  goss6@sover.net        
FEEDBACK:  Very much appreciated!!

NOTE:  Author fully admits that she is not up on Aussie slang and that characters will sound a bit “Americanized.”




"I want you," Goose said to himself, as he stared at Max's lithe form taking off his leather jacket.


"Huh?" came from the other man in a sort of distracted voice.


"Ah, I want you to grab the shower first while I get some eats and beer across the street," Goose quickly rushed; mortified that Max had over-heard his wishful thinking.


"Beer definitely sounds good after today," Max agreed and stepped into the motel bathroom, leaving Goose to sigh with relief that his friend had bought the cover-up.


They were in a motel room, having been on a long chase where they eventually apprehended the criminal, dropped him off at that county's pen, and then decided to take a room at the local motel instead of driving another hundred miles home in the middle of the night. 


It had seemed like the reasonable thing to do, and they had actually both laughed when the proprietor had told them that the only room available had one double bed. 


"Fine with me," Max had smiled amiably.  "We'll flip a coin for the bed."


"Sure," Goose had nodded, as his heart had started thumping at another image coming to mind. 


Goose had been interested in Max for years, but only recently had he realized he’d gone and fallen in love with his partner on the force, his best friend.  He was terrified of Max ever finding out about the double life he led, the women he saw as a cover and the men he saw on the secret side.


It wasn't as though Max had ever said anything derogatory about the gay men that they worked with at the department, but Goose had known back when they first met at the police academy and became friends that Max wasn't interested in men in that way.  Max Rockatansky was about as heterosexual as a man could get, and, because of that, Goose had assumed that Max wouldn't have wanted to be friends, or to remain friends, even after all that time, if he knew that his partner was gay.


It was simply a chance Goose didn't want to take.  Unrequited lust turned unrequited love, and he was willing to live with it instead.


Little did he know, Lady Luck had a different idea.




Max sauntered out of the shower with just his boxers on and plunked himself in a chair by the table to watch TV while Goose escaped into the shower.  No matter how many times Goose saw Max nude or half nude in the locker room and showers at the station, it never failed to arouse him in some way, whether mental or even worse, physical, and he sure as hell didn't want Max to find out by mistake.


By the time he came out after a quick beating off in the shower, Max had already eaten half the food Goose had picked up and was lounging in the bed.


"Anything good on the telly?" Goose asked as he sat down to eat, avoiding Max's form sprawled out on top of the bed covers.


"Same buncha shit."


"Yeah," Goose nodded. "Not enough variety, huh?"


"Got that right," Max agreed while he scratched his thigh for a moment and guzzled yet another can of beer.  "Bored out of my mind sometimes. Everything’s the same in life."


Goose almost choked on his food and began to wonder if he should have put his pants on over his boxers.  - It's gonna be a long night, - he thought wearily.


"Hey," Max said after a few minutes with a slight slur.  "Getting really late. Ready to flip for the bed?"


"Sure."  Goose stood and rummaged through his pants pockets and then Max's pants pockets for change.  "Shit, nothing but bills. Go ahead and take the bed, mate. I'll take the floor." 


"'ssss not fair," Max stuttered drowsily from the beer and rolled over on his right side to face the middle of the bed.  "Share if ya want."


- OH MY GOD! - Goose thought at the prospect of actually sharing a bed with Max.  They had slept together sitting up in the front of their squad car many times and on couches with other guys at the station during down times, but never once had they shared a bed!  He wasn't sure if he could go through with it.  Hell, who was he kidding?  He was going to jump at the chance, innocent sharing or not.


Faster than Max could fall asleep, Goose laid down on his side facing the man.  He was beginning to show that arousal now, but with Max half-drunk and unlikely to look south of the border at another man in bed with him, he was pretty sure he was safe.


Goose reached up and shut the light off, but had neglected to close the curtains so the room stayed illuminated just enough to make each other's features out.  He was glad for it.  Goose really enjoyed any chance he got to stare into Max's beautiful blue eyes, even though they were a bit bleary at the moment.


"So, you been bored lately?" he started, hoping to keep Max awake for a while since there was no way he was ready to fall asleep yet.


"Yeah, that bitch Linda is driving me up the wall. Hangs on me all the time. Calls me constantly. Picks fights when I'm not in the mood to go out. Hinting around for a ring. You know what I mean."


"Well, why don't you dump her? Always someone else around. You never have trouble hooking up when you want to."  - That's an understatement, - he thought to himself about Max.  - Women swoon over you just like a few other guys I know do. -


"Yeah, I know," Max laughed, aware of his unusually good looks, although it did embarrass him a bit to be judged like that.  "But was getting tired of that scene. Guess I'm looking for more. Just don't know if Linda is it or not."


"Looking for more? Mad Max Rockatansky is looking for more?" Goose teased, using his 'mad' nickname that he had earned from his strength and intensity on the force. 


Max was the best law enforcement agent they had, and Goose and most others easily acknowledged it.  The public was lucky to have Max as a cop protecting their roads, and Goose felt lucky to be able to ride shot gun with him most of the time.


"Awwww 'sssss not funny," Max laughed again.  "Can't I have more too? So many of the blokes we know have real relationships with women or men. Just wanna find the right one too. Ain't getting any younger." 


True, although he was only 25 to Goose's 24.


"Hey, about that."  Goose decided to take the plunge on a subject they'd never once actually talked about openly.  "How you feel about the men at the station that go out with other men?"


Max froze for a moment at the question, not quite sure how Goose felt about it either and feeling strangely uncomfortable to be talking about it in bed with a man.  "Well, doesn't bother me at all personally," he said truthfully after a moment.  "Whatever feels right for a person, I guess. You?"


"Nope, don't bother me either," Goose grinned and wiggled his eyebrows at Max in a mock flirtatious way just to see how Max would react.  He knew he was playing with fire, but he just couldn't stop himself.


That 'fire' reacted all right, but it was just like he usually did with Goose.


He laughed.


But that time, his left hand reached out and pushed in mock horror at Goose's hip in a joking way as though he wanted his friend away from him.  He didn't, of course.  He was just teasing back.


Goose didn't laugh, however.  He suddenly knew what he had to do.  It happened so fast that if he had stopped to think about it first, he never in a million years would have done it.  He grabbed right hold of Max's wrist with his right hand and held it against his erection through his boxers. 


There would be no doubt in Max's mind that Jim Goose was turned on.




HEAT!  The word flashed through Max's shocked mind at feeling the warm hardened length against his palm. 


The next word wasn't nearly as nice. 


- FAGGOT! - he thought next in horror and tried to pull his hand back.


It didn't work.


Goose had a firm grip on his wrist, Max was physically tired and half-drunk, and his hand stayed pressed against that new territory much longer than he consciously wanted it to.  It had almost become like a tug of war between them. 


Max's eyes widened and he tried to pull back again, but Goose had thrown all caution to the wind, and he was ready to accept the consequences for his actions.  He was just hoping that Max wouldn't tear his throat out for it.


He wasn't far from it.  Max was staring down at the other man's hand holding his and knew that he had to make a decision.  He could use stronger force, rip his hand away while punching out with his other.  But that would mean deliberately harming his best friend in the process, and it was a bridge they had never needed to cross.


- GOOSE IS GAY GOOSE IS GAY GOOSE IS GAY! - went screaming through his mind at the revelation.  He was shocked beyond belief, his eyes showed it, but he struggled to maintain composure and not bring himself to offend his friend, who obviously had decided to show his feelings for him.  He didn't know if he admired Goose for being courageous or if he felt betrayed for not having known all their years as friends.  It bothered him a lot, and the more he considered it, his hand stayed right where it was, no longer trying to move away. 


One thing Max did refuse to consider was why he would even allow his hand to stay there while they stared at each other.  It was a prospect Max wasn't ready to think about just yet.


Minutes passed that felt like an eternity between them, and Goose lessened his grip on Max's hand, praying that his friend wouldn't strike out at him suddenly.


Max did no such thing.  As long as Goose continued to hold his wrist, Max continued to keep his palm on the man's crotch.  It was almost as though Max was becoming entranced by the strange feelings sweeping through him, the way Goose was staring at him so earnestly, the almost tangible scent of both desire and fear rolling off the man towards him.  It was a combination that would prove to be Max's undoing, as it prickled over and under his skin in a way he had never felt with a woman in bed, and he found that it was a new sensation he was beginning to like.


However, the moment he realized that and felt his own physical arousal beginning in response to the signals Goose was sending, he snapped right out of it.  His own groin may have been tightening, but his mind was free again.   "Lemme go," he growled.


Goose immediately did.  He'd heard that tone of warning in Max's voice before when they handled criminals, and he certainly didn't want it ever directed at him.  He knew perfectly well what Max was capable of and why he lived up to the name Mad Max on the road.


"Sorry," he started, but quickly shut his mouth at the flare of fury that erupted from the eyes in front of him.


Max rolled fast from the bed, fearful that he would actually hit his friend if he didn't.  In seconds he was sitting in the one easy chair in the corner of the room with a pillow and a blanket, a parting message spoken before he closed his eyes.  "You come near me, I'll kill you."




The next morning Max awoke to a very familiar sound he knew from years of spending time with men, and of course, with himself.  Goose was whacking off.  The man was trying to be quiet about it, but his breathing gave him away, his fist was making that very specific sound of flesh against flesh, and, most surprisingly, he was doing it on the floor under a blanket. 


Max didn't know, but Goose had felt strange sleeping in the bed after what had happened between them, and once he was sure Max had fallen asleep, he had crawled onto the floor to spend the night.  He was also feeling surprised, like Max, about what he was doing there and not able to bring himself to stop. 


Goose had woken from fitful dreams of the way Max had looked at him at first, the way he had kept touching him, although admittedly his fingers had never once moved.  Goose just couldn't get it out of his mind that maybe he had actually reached something in Max, that maybe there was the slightest most infinitesimal chance that Max would give him what he needed, that maybe he had done the right thing after all.


He was about to find out.


Max stalked over to him, indignant at knowing that the man was likely using him to relieve himself, but when he looked down at Goose, saw the splotched face of lust colored red highlighting his cheeks, the anger receded, and that strange prickling feeling washed over his skin again.


His blood began hammering through his veins, his groin began to tighten, but that time he didn't run away from it.  That time he met it head on, although not in the way that Goose would have certainly liked the most.


A bare foot rose and kicked the blanket off Goose, exposing the man to Max's view.  Goose struggled not to reach for cover, sensing that the move was aggressive but not actually meant to be harmful.  His hand stopped moving, however, not sure what to do, although it stayed gripped to his length, a length that Max was staring at closely for the first time ever.


Slowly he started stroking himself again, praying he was making the right choice, and while Max watched with his own quickening of breath, Goose soon cried out softly at the feel of his seed flowing over his hand under the intensity of the gaze Max held him under.  It had turned out to be the best damn hand job he had ever given himself.


Max continued to stand frozen for a moment, as the heat in his eyes cooled and he began to breathe normally again.  He didn't know what to do.  He had actually watched a man jerk off in front of him, a man he knew desired him.  It both revolted him and thrilled him.  He could feel something strange in Goose calling to him, but he was far from ready to accept it.


And, at that point, it was unlikely he ever would.  Max was just in too much turmoil at the turn his life had taken.  With a snort of disgust at himself, he stepped right over Goose and went into the bathroom.  It was time to take a very cold shower.


When he came out, feeling marginally better, especially physically, Goose was dressed and standing by the window.  He turned to Max, a hopeful look on his face that their friendship was intact, but Max avoided his eyes, grunting, "I'm going home."


Two hours of silence and tension later, Max dropped Goose off at his flat and went to his beach house to sleep the sleep of a very confused man.




The next morning Goose heard the honk of the car horn outside his flat and hurried outside, relieved beyond belief that Max was there to pick him up for work like usual.  He slid into the passenger seat with a, "Morning," which Max ignored, and they headed down the highway in silence again until Max finally spoke. 


"Should've told me." 


"I know," Goose immediately sighed.  "I'm sorry."


"How long?" Max asked, although his eyes never left the road.


"Long before we met," he admitted. 




"No. Not like that."


"Guys at the station?"


"Yeah, a few. Some I meet at the clubs."




"Yeah, not around here. I take the bus. Hard to describe."


"Try me."


"I don't know if I should."


And right then and there, Goose knew he had found the man he was yearning for.


Max's head whipped around, a snarl erupting from his lips in a punctuated voice. "I.SAID.TRY.ME."


It washed over Goose perfectly, and he had to control the urge not to smile.  He knew what he was going to do now to convince Max of their compatibility.  "I .... I go to the clubs looking for a specific kinda man. I'm a very hard-core bottom, Max.  Do ya know what that means?"


"Yeah," Max murmured, his eyes back on the road.  "I think I know what you're saying. You like men to order you around. That kinda stuff."


"A lot more to it than that, but yes, essentially."


"You like being hurt?"  Max really wanted some answers now.


"No! I mean, it depends. With the right dom a little pain is great. But it's so fucking hard to trust a bloke to know when to hold back, not cross the line ..... Shit, mate, you think I'm sick, don't you?"   - Damnit! I said too much! -


"No Goose," Max denied very quietly.  "But I'm not gonna pretend I understand it."


Goose's mouth opened and closed a couple of times, wondering if he should say just one more thing or not. 


"Spit it out," Max said at seeing his friend's indecision.


With an audible sigh, Goose continued.  "What I'm looking for is something that feels right, feels perfect. I don't feel it with the other blokes."


"Are you saying you feel it with me?" Max asked with narrowed eyes turning to him.

It was absolutely truth time.


"Yeah, Max. I do. I feel it, and I think you feel it too. I think that it's in you to be a fucking fantastic dom for me, and I think you'll really like it if you give it a chance."


In response to hearing what he was already questioning in his own body, Max's hands tightened on the wheel, his gaze fixed on the road, and he was grateful that they pulled into the station before he had a chance to consider what to say.


Although the day went normally in most ways, Goose went about unfurling his plan.  He took to standing close to, although being careful not to touch, Max as much as possible.  He even began anticipating the man's wants and needs, getting things for him, doing things for him before Max could do it for himself. 


It wasn't long before everyone in the station saw what was happening, and it wasn't long  before Max decided that he liked being treated in that way.  Girls had done it in the past, but he had always sensed that they didn't really mean it; they had only wanted him in bed or as marriage material, not something on a deeper level.


He convinced himself that he wasn't interested in a deep level past friendship with Goose, but he couldn't deny that watching Goose in action as he brought him coffee and donuts, magazines or anything else he mentioned or reached for, was very fulfilling.  - Hell, if the man doesn't want to, he can stop anytime he wants. I'm not forcing him to wait on me hand and foot. Not even asking him. -


Well, he wasn't asking him ....... yet.


As a couple weeks passed by, Max was the one that subconsciously moved it to the next level.  He began showing Goose with little looks and short curt words what he wanted every day around the station.  Goose thought he had died and gone to heaven.  His plan was working.


The men around them continued to watch, and unbeknownst to Goose and Max, a wager was going on behind their backs.  It was great entertainment to see what would happen between the two, and money was quickly passed back and forth between their friends and co-workers.


Goose suspected they were being watched, and he played up to it as best he could without being obvious to Max, who pretended to be oblivious to the change in their environment.  The two had yet to touch in any way, and as far as Max was concerned, that was fine with him.  He was more than willing to keep seeing an annoying Linda for sex before he'd let himself touch another man.


If he and Goose hadn't been such good friends for years and good partners on the force, Max probably would have quit his job and moved away.  He was that scared deep down inside of changing.


Goose knew that of course and spent those weeks being a perfect servant, but not in any way that would frighten his prospective lover off.  He knew it would have to be a slow process with Max.  His partner was the most stubborn man he knew, and it was one of the traits about him that he loved.




The incident that brought it to a head happened over a month later in the leisure yard where the men went to blow off steam by lifting weights, throwing sports equipment around or just lounging around in the sun for a while between missions.


A new man had joined the force recently, and Goose had immediately sensed a competitor.


Bentley was a sub just like him.  To a gay man, it was obvious by the way the man looked at Max and also at the other true dom, Johnson, in their station.  The force was made up of an almost equal proportion of gay and straight men.  But, as gay men knew more so than straight men, doms or tops in the gay world were not as common as bottoms.   The few straight men who had actually talked to Goose about it had told him that they thought it was backwards, that it would be the other way around, but nothing went the way you expected in life, and that was one of those things.   Men were by nature the more aggressive sex of the species, but when men desired other men for sexual needs, it was more often than not that they wanted to be the reverse as a bed partner.  At least that was the way it seemed. 


And, because of that, a man who had a good top would fight to keep him by tooth and nail if necessary rather than risk losing him to the sea of bottoms waiting to snatch him up.  It was a very large sea, and a man like Max, just coming into his new sexuality, could easily be swallowed whole if Goose didn’t stand up and protect him.  Not just for Max, but also for himself.


With that in mind, plus the fact that his body was tensing with plain 'ole jealousy, he watched Max converse with Bentley in the yard one day, laughing and talking, while he stood on the other side and tried to talk to other men. 


- Can’t you see he’s flirting with you? – he wanted to scream across the yard at Max. 


Max didn’t see a thing.  He was just having a conversation and was still fairly naïve with noticing at how men, besides Goose now, flirted with other men.  It wasn’t until Bentley actually touched his arm during the telling of a joke that Max started to get a clue.  He wasn’t about to say anything, of course, as he had yet to make an announcement of any kind about his relationship with Goose or his sexuality in any way other than what the men had seen and heard of in his experiences with the local women. 


Max was never one for kissing and telling.   As much as he knew that he could go out with most of the women that flirted with him on a regular basis, he was actually a bit shy about asking someone out on a first date.  It made him even more endearing to women, as Max didn't have a true wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am reputation like one would have expected.


With a smile, he ended the conversation and drifted away, leaving Bentley with the swooning feeling that many women often felt when Max Rockatansky smiled at them. 


“You bitch,” Goose was soon hissing in Bentley’s face as he pushed the man.  Max had already moved across the yard and wasn’t paying any attention.


“Who are you calling a bitch?” Bentley protested and regained his footing. 


“Stay away from Max.”


“Oh yeah? Well I heard Mr. Gorgeous was still on the fence about it, that apparently your scuzzy ass wasn’t doing it for him. I bet I could get him to fall off that fence onto mine in less than a day.”


Goose didn’t even answer.  He did what he had wanted to do the first moment he caught Bentley looking at Max the other day.  He decked him.


Bentley staggered but jumped back up and tackled Goose to the ground with a roar that caught the ears of every man in the yard who hadn’t already been watching with keen interest.  Faces turned to see the two roll across the dirt, hitting and swearing as blood flew from mouths and arms and legs battered at the other.


It didn’t last long.


In less than a minute Goose was flying up against a chain link fence under Max’s fury while Bentley slowly climbed to his feet.   Max was in a rage.  He knew what the men must have been fighting about.  He wasn’t stupid.  But it made him feel like a piece of meat, and that royally pissed him off.


“Don’t you fucking move!” he shouted at Goose and turned back to Bentley.


Bentley was grinning with victory, thinking he had won Max’s favor, but if anything, he had won his contempt.  The mad man stalked over to him, as Bentley’s grin faltered at seeing the look on Max’s face.  But the sub in Bentley kept him standing still, only a slight whimper of fear escaped while Max leaned close and whispered in his ear.  “I’m not gay, but if you fuck with Goose again, I’ll ram my shotgun up your ass and blow your fucking head off.”


The man nodded quickly in understanding and sagged considerably when Max stormed out of the yard ……. leaving Goose on the fence.




Four hours later, Goose was still there. 


He had been told not to move, and even if he wanted to now, his knees had become locked, and he would have fallen flat on his face in the dirt.  The muscles in his arms were in agony too, holding them up against the chain with his fingers laced through the fence, defying gravity.  It wasn’t the horrible pain of his cramping exhausted body, however, that was doing him in.  It was standing all afternoon in the hot Australian sun in his full body leather uniform that was making Jim Goose truly suffer.


Max didn’t care in the least.  It had turned into a battle of wills, and as far as he was concerned, Goose could let go of the fence anytime he wanted and come inside.  Sure, they’d probably have an argument about it, but then they could go back to the way things had been the last month, a way that Max had become comfortable enough with.


Unfortunately, Goose didn’t want that anymore.  He desperately needed more from Max, and waiting for Max to “release” him was his way of taking that stand and making it known.  The man he knew was his dom would come to his aid or Goose would stay by that fence until he collapsed.


Fifi was the one that finally broke the battle.  Unknown to both men, he had already taken Goose and Max off the work schedule for the rest of the day and night, and he was quite ready to say something to his best man on the force about what was going on.


“ROCKATANSKY!” he bellowed from his office.  “GET YOUR ASS IN HERE NOW!”


Max stood from the couch where he had been trying to watch TV with one eye while keeping the other eye on the figure of Goose far across the yard.  With a shrug of nonchalance at his co-workers, he took his time sauntering into their commander’s office.


Max had been yelled at many times on the force.  It came with being so good at what he did that he was sometimes TOO good and got in trouble for it too.  He didn’t care one whit about being dressed down or reprimanded when it was called for, whether he agreed with it or not.  Fifi didn’t intimidate him in any way.  He highly respected his superior, and he enjoyed working for the man most of the time.


“What’s up, Fifi?” he asked, as he walked up to the man’s desk. 


Fifi stood, walked around the desk and towered over Max.  He was a very large man, tall and broad, but he knew Max wasn’t one to even notice and break a sweat.  “Take a look out that window, Max,” he said and grabbed his arm, yanking him across the floor to the window.


“Yeah, nice day, isn’t it?” Max quipped.


“Sod off ya moron!  Don’t ya see what’s happening?”


“All I see is an idiot sweating in the sun.”


“That idiot is one of my best men, and I want you to march your ass out there and bring him in.”


“No fucking way.”  Max stood firm, his lips set in stubbornness that Fifi recognized well from past confrontations.


“You’ll do this, Rockatansky, or I’ll give Goose a new partner.”


That certainly made Max’s lips twitch.


“Who?” he demanded.


“Johnson,” Fifi smirked.  He knew just what man to throw at Max, the only other very dominant gay man on the force.  Either Max would step forward to protect his partner, his friend, and his quite likely soon to be lover, or Fifi would go out there, forcibly pull Goose off the fence and assign him a new partner to ride shotgun with, a man that Fifi knew had a past history with Goose.


“Fine,” Max sneered.  Giving in didn’t come easy to him.   “I’ll bring his sorry ass in.”


“Not just that,” Fifi smirked again, knowing he had Max by the balls in a way he had never truly had before. 


“What?” Max snapped with impatience, staring up at his commander.


“Take this,” Fifi grinned, dropping a key into his hand.  “It’s to my two rooms out back. I want you to bring Goose there, take care of him, and I don’t want to see either of your faces until noon tomorrow.”


The commander of the station knew it was just a matter of time, like the other men did, before Max officially claimed Goose as his own.  He was just quite surprised that it hadn’t happened yet, as most of the men, gay and straight, could see what a perfect couple Max and Goose would make in that way.  Besides, he had a little money on that wager too, and it never hurt to stack the deck in your favor if given the chance.


“Why can’t I just drop him home like normal?” Max questioned.  He wasn’t too thrilled with the prospect of spending another night with the man.  It was something he had been careful not to do since that life-changing incident in the motel.


“This is a fucking order, Rockatansky. Do it, and that’s final.”   - And maybe when you come out tomorrow, you’ll have straightened this mess up between the two of you one way or the other and even put a little change in my pockets. –


“You’re the boss,” Max snorted with a roll of his eyes and headed out to the yard.




It only took one close up look at Goose for Max to admit to himself that he had been wrong.  He should have given in and “released” the man much sooner.  Max had never seen someone be so close to heat exhaustion and still stand conscious, although barely conscious, that was for sure.


“Goose, you wanker,” he said softly in remorse.


The man’s head slowly lifted.  He had been unaware that Max was even there.  His agony was so great that he had turned his mind into his safe place that he used only when a dom got too rough and he was unable to stop it.  It was a place where nothing could physically hurt him, a place to keep himself from going insane. 


Anyone else’s voice probably wouldn’t have even reached to him in that place, but Goose had already willingly conditioned himself to respond to Max’s voice, the voice of his master, the voice of the man he loved, and he responded to that voice with an anguished whimper that barely reached Max’s ears.


Anguished or not, those ears were still hardened, just like the man’s heart in that matter.  Max simply couldn’t comprehend how someone could go to such an extreme to make a point, especially a point to someone who didn’t want anything to do with that point.  It didn’t make sense to Max, but he was too tired of the battle to take his anger out on Goose at the moment.  Instead, he asked with simple weariness, “Why mate? Why would you do this to yourself?”


“For you, only for you,” came from the swollen cracked lips of the man before his head fell again against his chest.  Exactly what was needed to pierce through the steel surrounding Max’s resolve. 


With a deep sigh, he finally said the one word left to say, the word that was needed to end his friend’s suffering.  “Move.”


With a loud groan, Goose released the chain link fence and fell forward, unable to stop himself.  He would have landed on the ground, probably broken his nose and other bones in his face if Max hadn’t caught him, heaved him up around his neck and across both shoulders, and placed him in a secure hold to carry him back inside.


With a grunt from the weight of a man only a few pounds lighter than himself, he walked through the station, ignored all the stares, and brought Goose right into the rooms in the back, gently laying the beaten body on Fifi’s large bed.


Goose hardly stirred as Max quickly pulled the leather jacket of his uniform open to let cooler air reach him.  “Water,” Goose rasped, and Max ran into the kitchen, bringing back a large glass and holding it with a shaking hand as Goose drank while Max supported his head with his other hand.


“Better?” Max asked, feeling real pains of guilt at what he had let happen.


Goose didn’t respond.  His head fell back, passed out into a deep sleep, and Max immediately checked his pulse and rise and fall of his chest.


When he was satisfied that Goose would recover fully in time, he continued stripping the man down to just his boxers, left the room long enough to run a bath full of lukewarm water, and carried in his arms the sleeping man to the tub to be cleaned.  After over four hours in the hot sun in his full uniform, Goose really needed it.


The bathtub was filled with an entire bottle of shampoo, as Max didn’t want to touch any more of Goose than he had to, and he let him soak in the water wearing those boxers while he ran a soapy washcloth over and under his arms, around his neck, face and upper chest, through his hair and wherever the water in the tub didn’t reach. 


Once he felt sure that Goose was as clean as he was going to get with the only type of bath Max was willing to give him, he lifted him out, laid him back on the bed and proceeded to dry him off with soft towels.  Goose had yet to stir.


- Fuck. What about those wet boxers now? Can’t let him lay in them like that. 


Well, he could have, but Max didn’t want to take a chance with Goose getting ill in his weakened condition.  So, with a shake of his head, he pulled them off, glancing only for a second at something he’d seen many times over the years but had never really paid any attention to until that day last month.


Once Goose’s body was completely bare and as dry as it was going to get without Max actually running the towel over that area, he threw a light blanket over the man, turned the light low and left the room to clean the bathroom and throw the man’s clothes into the washing machine.


When that was done, he moved into the kitchen after a quick check to be sure Goose was still sleeping, and seeing that the man was breathing normally in a healing rest, he fixed himself some dinner, turned on the TV and settled into a recliner by the bed for the evening and night.


There was no way Max would climb into the bed next to Goose, sleeping or not.




Morning came and Max immediately jumped to check on Goose.  The man had rolled over onto his stomach during the night, kicked the blanket off and was showing every inch of skin on his backside to Max’s sight.


- Jesus! -  Max thought and turned away, resisting an impulse to reach out and touch the mounds of flesh.  – What the hell is wrong with me? It’s just an ass! A MAN’S ass for Christ’s sake!  I gotta call Linda today and get laid!


And with that determined thought, he stepped into the shower before he could cave to the itching that was creeping into his groin.


Unfortunately, the shower didn’t help that time like it had in the motel room once.  He tried cold, hot, warm and cold again, until he finally gave up and stepped out with a raging hard-on. 


“Fuck Goose!” he shouted in surprise at seeing the man standing in the bathroom, nude with his own hard-on.


Goose didn’t even jump at the shout.  He took one look at Max’s dripping wet manhood he had never seen both engorged and bare at the same time and fell to his knees in front of him.


“Let me, please,” he asked and looked up with huge pleading eyes.  Goose was a man with every characteristic of what was considered ‘normal’ behavior for a man, except in that one way.


It was the kneeling position and the look that did it more than the words.  It reached right down in that part of Max that Goose was desperately trying to find in his friend.  It reached down and wrapped itself tenaciously around Max’s own inner sexuality.


“You wanna suck me?” Max grunted after a long moment of staring in wonderment at the repulsive yet exquisite sight before him.   He had never in his life thought he would find himself one day saying those words to a man.


“Yes, please,” Goose practically moaned and reached out one hand.  He was feeling much better both physically and mentally from his ordeal, and he was ready for anything. 


“Don’t touch me,” Max growled and roughly batted his hand away.  “Don’t ever touch me unless I tell you to.”


“Yes, Sir,” Goose spoke with a catch in his voice.  He could almost feel the change in the air as Max began to transform into exactly what he knew he could be.  Max had said ‘unless I tell you to,’ the perfect phrasing for a man like Goose.


“What did you say?” Max asked, confusion in his voice in thinking that he couldn’t possibly have heard Goose correctly.


“I said, Yes Sir,” Goose replied easily. 


Max stood still, his brow furrowing as he rolled the word ‘sir’ through his mind, decided he liked it very much indeed and nodded his head approvingly to Goose.  “So, tell me Goose,” he continued with a line of questioning he had been wondering about recently.  “You suck a lot of dick?”


“Yes Sir,” was the unhesitant answer.  Goose had no intention of ever lying to Max now that his secret was out.


“Lately?” Max asked in a calm tone, although his body was unconsciously tensing at the thought of what Goose may have being doing in recent weeks.


“No, Sir. Not since ….. that night.”  Goose hadn’t wanted to touch another man or let another man touch him the minute he had realized that there was a possibility of a relationship with Max.


“Good.”  Max nodded again with satisfaction.  “Been with any women lately? I know you’ve had sex with women, Goose. Seen you in action at parties.”


Goose was tempted to chuckle.  He knew what Max was referring to; wild drunk parties where people tended to go off into corners and hump with little care if anyone happened to see them.  He didn’t dare let out that chuckle, though.  He knew he had to stay serious for this.  Too much was at stake.


“No Sir. I haven’t touched a woman like that in months. I can do it if I have to, but I don’t prefer it.”


“Good, ‘cuz I don’t want you to. No men, no women. Understand?”


“Yes Sir!” Goose shouted in delight, as his cock twitched noticeably.  He’d be celibate for the rest of his life if he had to for Max.


Max wasn’t really sure what he wanted or what he was doing or saying.  He looked like he was in control, but he felt almost as though someone else were speaking through him, guiding him in the way that Goose needed even though he had no intention of ever being the man’s lover. 


I just told him he couldn’t be with anyone? How could I do that to him? – he thought in shock and opened his mouth to take it back when that length jutting up from the man’s hips towards him twitched again, even harder, and he caught the sight of semen dripping from it.


- Oh god! He’s driving me crazy!  “Get …. Get back in bed,” he snapped, as blood roared through his body in desire.  No woman had ever made him feel quite that way.


At the order, the sweetest words Goose had ever heard, he was on his feet, flying from the bathroom to land on the bed on his hands and knees and present his backside to Max.


It almost undid Max right there to see the position he was in when he finally stepped into the room, still nude and very much aroused.   Reining himself back, he moved up close to the bed and stared at the form of the man in the bright room and at the look on the man’s hopeful face. 


It made him want to question Goose more.


“You really like a dick up your ass?”  - No one’s EVER touching mine! -


“Yes Sir. I do.”  - Best fucking feeling in the world! -


“Ever do it to another bloke or a girl?”


“No, don’t want to.”


“Let men suck you?”


“Yes Sir. The ones that will.  Better than women.”


“Really? Why?”  Max was curious.  He’d been the recipient of some pretty good blow jobs, although he could well remember some pretty bad ones too.


“Blokes I sixty-nine with really want to. Love sucking dick as much as I do. I just don’t know any women who are quite as ….. enthusiastic about it.”


“Enthusiastic?” Max laughed.  “Yeah, I get what you mean. So, Goose, you want to sixty-nine with me?


“Yes Sir. I mean no Sir. I mean ….”


“You mean what?”


“I mean, I want anything you want.”


Although they were words Max had heard many times but were now being spoken by a man’s voice for the first time, he didn’t break his stride.  He continued in the role that was beginning to feel like a well fit glove.


“I bet you do, you little slut,” Max snapped, although Goose could see the hint of a smirk on the corners of his mouth.  “On your back, slut.”  


Max had read something once that some gay men liked being called sluts, took it as a compliment or something, and apparently Goose was one of them, because the man sighed with happiness and turned over immediately.


“Open your legs,” he ordered as he proceeded to climb onto the bed.


“Good, keep them there.”  Max was kneeling; sitting on his ankles in the middle of Goose’s spread legs just far enough back to not actually be touching the man.


Goose had no idea what to expect.  His plan was working, and he was both thrilled and terrified at the same time.  Max could be such an intense man, so wound tight in ways that excited and intimidated people that Goose shuddered from the wash of being in the man’s presence.


It was a shudder that Max saw, and it pleased him …. a lot. 


He stared into the wide dilated eyes, sensed again that faint scent of fear on the man, and responded the exact way his own body was set to.  “Do it,” was all he said.


Goose instantly understood, wrapped one hand around himself and worked it up and down slowly at first, hoping to tease the man sitting between his legs.


It did, but Max had more willpower than Goose could ever imagine, and he was about to find out not only the extent of the other man’s, but also his own.


Max watched very carefully every motion of that hand, glancing up occasionally to see the pleasure written on Goose’s face, the way his mouth opened and closed and the way he gasped little breaths of air while his chest rose and fell.  When those gasps reached a certain pitch that Max sensed was final, though, he chose to assert his control again. 




Goose didn’t hesitate to obey the command.  He bit his lip from crying out, squeezed one hand as tight around the base of himself as he could, and pulled with his other hand his scrotum hard and far away from his body to keep himself from orgasming. 


It worked, but it hurt like hell, although in a way he most definitely liked.


Max hadn’t been sure of exactly how men did it, as he’d never tried it on himself, but he had  certainly heard about it, and knowing now what he did about Goose’s sexual preferences, he had had a strong feeling that the man would know just what to do.


And boy was he very glad he’d been right.  The tormented look of pain and pleasure on Goose’s face was exhilarating to Max, and he wanted to see it again.


“Do it,” he repeated and watched with fascination as Goose immediately began pumping all over again. 


That time Goose did it a bit faster, using his other hand to massage his aching balls in hopes to cum before Max could stop him.  It never once crossed his mind that he could simply cum no matter what and whenever he wanted to.  All he thought about was obeying the man his sexuality saw as his master.


“Stop.”  Max said the second time with a glint in his eye that made Goose’s heart hitch. 


Again his hands went to work, holding it back, although it was much harder to do the second time than it had been to do for any other dom he had ever been with in his past.


When Max was quite sure the man was back under control, his breathing haggard but not gasping, he glanced back at Goose’s manhood and saw that it was leaking copiously down into the thatch of blonde hair.  He couldn’t believe how swollen and purple it had become, ripe as though ready to burst, and he was eager to see if he could make it swell even more.


“Do it,“ came the third time, and Goose groaned loudly as he began all over again.


Harder and faster he stroked, desperation filling him to cum and cum hard, and just on the edge of that heavenly precipice, he heard the only voice in the world that was capable of keeping him from falling over.




“AHHHHHHH!” Goose wailed in lovely pain that lanced through his body as he struggled to obey Max a third time.


Max just watched silently, only his intense eyes betraying the composure he was keeping on his face as the man beneath him thrashed wildly on the bed, shook his head back and forth on the pillow and panted loud groans of, “Oh God Max! Oh God Please! Please Max! Please Max!”


Max kept his silence at the pleas, but he leaned upwards and over Goose more, still being careful not to touch him, until his face was right above Goose’s.  His hands then snapped out and grasped the wailing man’s face, holding him still to look at him square in the eye.


What he saw in those hysterical pleading eyes released something in him completely, connected with him more than it had ever before, and Max finally knew that Goose had been right.  They WERE compatible in that way, EXTREMELY compatible.  But admitting it to himself and fully acting upon it were still two entirely different things in Max’s stubborn mind.


Seeing those blue eyes he loved so close to his own, sensing his master’s acceptance, Goose gained the strength he needed that third time to hold back the rush of orgasm, and he finally stilled and quieted, although his body trembled uncontrollably and his breathing remained quickened.


Max smiled just the faintest hint of smile down at Goose and then sat back on his haunches.  Third time was a charm.  Time to reward the man.


“Do it,” he said very quietly, as Goose began to pray in his mind that he wouldn’t hear the other word a fourth time.


He wouldn’t.  Max had been turned into a sexual control-freak, but he wasn’t a sadist.


“Tell me what you want, Goose.”


“Cum, please, please,” Goose panted.


“Please what?” Max asked with a cock of his head and that slight smile.


“Please Sir!” Goose barked with what little strength he had left.  “Please Sir, let me cum!”


Max didn’t answer, his expression didn’t change, but his head nodded slightly in permission.


That was all Goose needed.  He couldn’t hold back the tears that sprang to his eyes and began weeping in gratitude, shooting all over himself violently while his body convulsed and he cried out Max’s name over and over.


It was music to Max’s ears more so than any woman’s cry of delight, and when Goose finally collapsed in a breathless heap and laid silently again, Max looked down at himself, not believing how hard and swollen he was.  He felt pretty sure that he could pop his load in one stroke if he wanted, but the physical pleasure in his groin was almost secondary to the intensity of the pleasure that burned throughout his being and right into every single nerve ending of his body to his heart and soul.  It burned and it raged, and it felt RIGHT.


“Good boy,” he finally grunted when he was sure he could speak without stammering.  It had been obvious from the way Goose was looking at him that he was expecting Max to say something, and Max, using his instincts again, must have said just the right thing by the beaming look of adoration and pride on Goose’s face. 


“Now get up, get cleaned up, get dressed and wash the linen you messed on,” he ordered very curtly.  The last thing he wanted was another battle of wills in Fifi’s bedroom because he forgot to ‘release’ his sub.


Yes, Sir,” Goose sighed contently and sat up quickly as Max almost flipped off the bed to avoid coming in contact with the man.


Just barely he caught his balance without actually falling on his ass, but Goose had noticed, and feeling brave at knowing he had pushed Max to another level, he threw him an evil little grin which actually made Max blush, turn away in embarrassment and flee to the shower again.  A strange thing to do after what had just occurred between them.




Long before noon, as Max couldn’t bear to spend another minute alone with Goose near a bed, he told him he was leaving, and Goose dutifully followed.  The only words he said about their encounter as they stood by the door was a last command that had suddenly come to him, a command he knew Goose would take to heart and obey.  “Remember what I said in the bathroom about no more men and women?”


“Yes,” Goose nodded, as his eyes widened at wondering what was coming next.


“That goes for your bleedin’ hand too.”


“Yes, Sir,” Goose sighed with a smile.


Max was tempted to ruffle the man’s hair in affection at that.  Of course, he didn’t.


The moment he opened the door and they walked into the station, though, he did do what their co-workers had been waiting to see for weeks.  He touched his sub.  He finally touched another man in a sexual manner.


They stepped into the large room together, Max took one look at everyone staring at them, and he made the decision to throw in the towel in at least that one respect.  With a slow graceful movement, his arm moved behind Goose, his hand landed gently on the small of Goose’s back, just above the curve of his ass, and he firmly led his partner through the room of men to the coffee and donut area.


Although Max didn’t know it consciously, it was a public claiming touch of a top for his bottom, and Goose never felt so happy in his life under the feel of that hand on him. 


Both pretended to ignore all the smiles while some of the men grudgingly passed money over to other men.




Another month passed, and Max continued to touch Goose in very small ways around the station, never when they were out alone, though, and never in allowance of Goose touching him back.


The touches were never more than on the arm, the small of his back, under his elbow or on his knee or thigh, but they drove Goose crazy with desire, and it was killing him to not be allowed to touch Max back.  He hadn’t forgotten Max’s orders in Fifi’s bathroom about that.


As much as the sub in him thrilled to the torment, anticipation of the next level finally drove him to disobey Max one day, knowing he would be punished for it, but praying that it would work the way he wanted.


A mate of theirs was getting married to a woman one fine afternoon, and although Max had told Goose “no more women,” Goose decided to bring a lady to the banquet hall where the wedding and reception was being held.


Max had also brought a date, Linda, a woman he continued to sleep with, although less and less often as the weeks went by.  Max had actually gone so far as to tell Linda not long ago that he needed space, and she had given it to him when he had sworn to her up and down that it wasn’t because there was another woman in his life.


Actually, Max had wanted to go to the wedding alone, but Linda had called him just that morning, crying that she needed a date, that it didn’t have to mean they were a couple again, but that she  just couldn’t show up at her girlfriend’s wedding without a man on her arm.


- If you knew what kind of man I am now, - he had thought during the conversation, – you’d never want to go out with me again. - 


Linda was outspoken about her disdain of gay men and women.  She thought it was just plain sick and couldn’t understand or at least accept that some people could have tastes outside “the norm”.  It was one reason, along with the obvious one, why Goose hated her.


It hadn’t been enough of a reason for Max to have dumped her in the past, though, as she had somehow latched onto him more than any other woman, but now that they were on “a break”, he agreed to take her to the wedding as long as she didn’t make too much out of it.


He was already sitting with her at a table, listening to her drone on and on about her hair, dress and makeup, when Goose walked in with his own date.  Max almost leaped from his chair.  Only the pointed look and grin from Goose staring back at him stopped him.  He suddenly knew just what was going on.  Goose wasn’t playing innocent.  He was looking to push Max, and Max didn’t like it.  He didn’t like it at all.


With a low growl Linda didn’t even hear over her continued yakking, he forced himself not to respond to Goose and turned his head back to her. Goose grinned even wider, noting the rim rod way Max was suddenly sitting in his chair and how his hands gripped to the table, and led his date to another table in direct view of Max’s sight.


The wedding went on and Max ignored and avoided Goose completely, only glaring at him when he was sure that the other man wasn’t watching.  Little did he know that with the few mirrors placed about the place in an effort to make the room appear even larger, Goose caught a few of those heated looks of anger, and he reveled in each one.


For his own part, after the first mocking grin upon entrance, he never looked at Max directly again.  He was delighting in the danger of what he was doing, but he was afraid to be caught completely in the deadly gaze of the man.  He was afraid he’d melt into a puddle of goo in the middle of the dance floor and beg Max for forgiveness in front of everyone, many of whom had no clue there was anything beyond their cop partnership and friendship between them. 


That was due to the fact that all the men at the station accepted the unwritten rule.  What went on at the station stayed at the station.  If a man decided to be openly gay in the surrounding community, that was his choice, but if he only wanted to be gay around his co-workers, no one would “out” him.


Other men, outside of his co-workers, that Goose had seen in that way lived many miles away in a much larger city, and it was the reason that he was still very much in the closet as far as the local townspeople were concerned.  If he could get Max to come out with him, though, he would gladly shout he was gay to the entire world.


Until then, he continued to pretend interest in women in order to protect Max.  He knew Max would never forgive him if he outed him to the community through what would be their speculation of seeing Max as the close friend of a gay man.  Hiding from speculation was second nature to Goose, anyways, as he had done it for years as a teen and then again when he met Max.


The only thing that was bothering Goose about that particular afternoon was that Linda kept hanging onto Max, who appeared to have loosened up quite a bit and would often kiss and touch her lightly.  It wasn’t like Goose could just confront the woman like he had with Bentley in the yard.  Max would probably strangle the life out of him right there in the middle of the dance floor if he pulled a stunt like that. 


So, as jealous as he felt at seeing Max acting in his usual heterosexual way that he hadn’t seen for quite a while since they didn’t spend as much time hanging out together after work like they used to, Goose contained himself, barely.  He continued to act in the same way with his own date, a woman he had taken out in the past and who was a woman that he knew wasn't looking for something serious. 


Linda was, though, ……. looking for something serious.  She had told Max she understood and agreed to date other men while he was free to date other women, but it wasn’t what she wanted.  She wanted the handsome man in her bed every night.  She didn’t think she really loved Max Rockatansky, but he was quite the catch and that was good enough for her without having to go to the city areas to keep looking.


After two hours of the dangerous tension-filled game being played between the men whenever they came close to each other in the small banquet hall, an inebriated Goose fell into Max by accident on the dance floor.  He had been drinking more than usual to calm himself, and he hadn’t meant for it to happen, although he was partly glad it did.


“Ssss sorry, mate, he stuttered slightly from beer and worry while attempting to regain his balance. 


“Ya stupid git!” Max snapped and pushed the man away from him, causing Goose to stagger even more. 


It didn’t cow or shame the man, though.  All it did was make him angry too.


“I said I was sorry, ya fucking bastard!” Goose snapped back, as his own frustration rose from the stress he was under.


“What did you say?” Max shouted, his face beginning to turn purple with fury that Goose would even raise his voice to him.


Of course he would, Goose was a man, and he was pissed too.  Fury or not in the face before him, he knew there was no turning back now.


“You’re a fucking bastard, Max!”


“And you’re a fucking queer!


All motion in the room stopped.  People who had wondered why the two long time friends hadn’t spoken all afternoon and were rarely seen together anymore outside of work thought they had finally figured it out.  Goose was gay and Max didn’t like it. 


They didn’t know that they were only half right.  Max DID like it, but it was driving him insane because he didn’t WANT to like it.


“Yes I am!” Goose screamed in admittance and turned around to their audience with his arms spread wide.  More than half the people looked surprised, a few looked disgusted, some smiled easily and some nodded approvingly. 


Goose was outed, and he turned back to the man that had done it to him.  “But at least I’m man enough to admit it!”


He should have quit while he was ahead.


Down he fell under Max’s fists, but he didn’t stay down like a weaker man would have.  He launched himself at Max and the two fell into the buffet table, crashing everything to the floor as wedding guests scrambled to get out of the way. 


The two supposedly best friends were having the first physical fight of their friendship, and they were both putting everything they had into it.  Neither held back as weeks and weeks of frustration and anger at the other came out. 


Goose found himself not only fighting for his life against a man he knew could kill him, but fighting in rebellion at being placed on the back burner so that Max could continue to resist what he really was inside.  He wanted to use his fists to pound sense into Max, force the man to give in completely and do what they both needed.


Max was fighting because the more he hit Goose the more it felt like he could deny what was happening inside himself; hit the man who started it, beat the shit out of him and end any chance of anything more happening before it was too late ….. before he was outed too.


Only the force of seven men pulling them apart and keeping them from each other ended it.


“Stay the fuck away from me, “ Max snarled at Goose and pulled Linda into his arms.  “I don’t give a shit who you’re assigned to; you’re not my partner anymore.”


Goose’s face fell; his plan had backfired …… badly.




The very next day at work, hushed conversations went on behind their backs at what had happened.  Johnson thought it was great.  His main sub at work wasn’t a road cop, he worked in the office, and he went right into Fifi’s office and “graciously” offered to take Goose as his road partner. 


Fifi sighed, knowing it was coming now that Max didn’t want Goose, and agreed to put them together on the schedule, assuming that Goose agreed too.


Goose did, although it was with a heavy heart.  If he was going to be partnered on the dangerous roads with someone besides Max, Johnson was the next choice to have as a man to watch your back as you watched his. 


Max refused a new partner, however.  He threatened to quit if Fifi didn’t let him work alone, and seeing how close to imploding Max was, Fifi decided it was better to let Max get himself killed on the road than to partner him with someone who was likely to die along with him.


The new schedule was set, and Max and Goose stayed away from each other as much as possible during their times together at the station.  Neither spoke a word to the other, although an occasional scowl would be thrown from Max to Goose, who would hang his head and go off with Johnson, a man that was quick to give Goose any comfort he could.


It was a comfort that did little for Goose’s heart, though.  He had used to date Johnson a few years ago, but after discovering that Johnson’s tastes were a bit too extreme at times in the pain department, he had pulled back and was relieved that Johnson had just gone ahead and claimed Davidson, the office man, as his new sub, a man who also enjoyed that type of very rough, very extreme play.


The thing, however, was that Goose hadn’t COMPLETELY stopped seeing Johnson in a sexual way, even though he had stopped being “his” sub.  There just wasn’t enough strong doms in the area, and Goose had found himself occasionally, until things had started with Max, being part of a threesome with Johnson and Davidson.  It had been much more to his liking than being one-on-one with a man he didn’t completely trust in bed, as with Davidson there too, Johnson had another person to take his intensity out on, and Goose was better able to handle and enjoy what was dished his way then.


Johnson had no intention of dumping Davidson for a chance to take on Goose as his main sub again, as he knew Davidson was perfect for him, but he sure had liked it when the three of them used to get together, and he was looking forward to making it happen again now that Max was out of the picture.  It was variety and it was sex.  Nothing more.


The only problem now was that Goose’s full attention still wasn’t on it.  He let Johnson order him around at the station a bit and even touch him in front of all their co-workers, but he was resisting the threesome again, no matter how much Johnson and Davison were both pushing him for it. 


Even though Johnson was definitely a master dom, he couldn’t force Goose, of course.  He knew the man was perfectly capable of standing up for himself when he wanted to, assuming he wasn’t strapped down to a bed, but Johnson was quite sure that Goose would get over Max and come crawling back to him and Davidson.  As far as he was concerned, it was just a matter of time.


And speaking of time, Max spent those weeks trying not to watch the interplay between the three of them, although when he did, he didn’t try to hide his contempt for it, his anger and his resentment for what he saw as Goose’s betrayal. 


He knew he was being irrational, but he couldn’t stop it from showing on his face and in his eyes if he happened to catch them together and Johnson’s hands were seen trailing down Goose’s body.  It was only his rock-hard willpower that would make him clench his fists and turn away to spend another night banging Linda in bed as hard as he could without actually hurting her to soothe some of his own pain.


It finally came to a head, at least in the partnership matter, when Johnson and Davidson thought they and Goose were the only ones left in the station one night and ganged up on Goose, trying to convince him to come home with them.  Goose was backed into a wall, not wanting to fight them both if he could help it since he had to work with them, but he just wasn’t sure if he was ready to sleep with them again. 


His manhood was thickening at the attention they were giving him, but his heart wasn’t in it.  Only knowing he would finally get some physical relief, the first time since he had done it for Max in Fifi’s bed, was tempting him to give in.  He still hadn’t been able to bring himself to even use his hand in private, as that “order” from Max had stayed with him.


“Come on, Goose,” Johnson growled and nuzzled into the man’s neck.  “Come back with us. You know you want to.”


“Yeah Goose,” Davidson smiled and ran his hand firmly over the front of Goose’s pants to make him moan.  He really enjoyed sixty-nining with Goose, as Johnson only very occasionally sucked his sub’s cock.


“I ….. I don’t know,” Goose panted under their skillful ministrations to his body.


“Nothing too rough,” Johnson promised and kissed Goose right on the lips very tenderly as though to try and prove it to the man. 


Max, who was watching unnoticed, didn’t know whether to pull his gun and shoot Johnson or toss his cookies at the kiss.


“No,” Goose said and broke it off before the man could try for anything deeper with his mouth. 


Johnson was a handsome man who knew how to play Goose’s body like an instrument, but he wasn’t the player that Goose really wanted.  He wasn’t even in the orchestra anymore.  Goose had just decided that moment that he had better put an end to the two’s hopes of bedding him again, as he was going to go right home and finally reacquaint himself with his old “five fingered friend” instead.


“I don’t think you really mean that,” Johnson growled and squeezed Goose’s ass, as Davidson sank to his knees and started to pull down the zipper on Goose’s pants.


“Please, don’t,” Goose gasped, although his body was tensing to start fighting them off physically.


“Man said no,” Max rumbled quietly and stepped out of the shadows.  “You two into rape or something?”


“Sod off, Rockatansky,” Johnson growled.  “Doesn’t concern you anymore.” 


Johnson wasn’t afraid of Max.  He hadn’t seen him in action on the road, and he was convinced, wrongly, that the man’s reputation was overblown. 


“I think it does.”  - Haven’t slept more than a couple hours a night since the wedding. Time to have it out with Goose. Fucker turned me gay, and Linda just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  -


“That so?” the man sneered.  “Then why you let a fine piece of ass like this get away?  Chickenshit?”


“I didn’t,” Max said in a deceptively calm voice.  “Come here Goose.”


That was all Goose needed to hear.  He shoved Johnson and Davidson off him and stepped right next to Max.


Max’s left arm immediately went around Goose’s waist and pulled the man closer to him while his right hand whipped out his gun and aimed it at Johnson’s groin.  “I suggest you find a new road partner tomorrow.”


“Or what? Ya gonna shoot me, Rockatansky? Ya don’t have the balls.”


“Do I?” Max snarled, released Goose, and faster than anyone had ever seen him move, had Johnson pinned by the throat with one hand while the gun was rammed right up between the other dom’s legs.


Davidson immediately tried to intervene, but Goose stepped right between him and the two on the wall with a look on his face that stopped Davidson in his tracks.  He wasn’t a toughened road cop fighter, he was just a regular guy, and he knew he didn’t stand a chance against Goose.


Johnson was beginning to sweat, not so much at the feeling of Max’s hand choking his throat but at the barrel of the gun pushing up harder and harder into his ass by a co-worker who looked suddenly like the wild-eyed road savages they often dealt with.  He was terrified that if he said one wrong word or made the slightest movement to defend himself, that Max would pull the trigger, even if he didn’t really mean to.


If he had known that Max would absolutely mean to if he was pushed just far enough, he would have begged for his life.  Instead, he rasped with what little sarcasm he could muster, “Ya made your point.”


“And that point would be?”


“Goose is yours, ya bloody psycho.”


“From what I hear, Johnson, you’re the real psycho around here.”


“Maybe,” Johnson couldn’t stop himself from sneering.  “But it didn’t stop Goosey-boy from wanting it. Ya really should pay attention to your sub’s needs, Rockatansky, or you’ll find yourself sleeping in a very cold bed.”


Something must have flashed in Max’s eyes that Johnson recognized, because he suddenly laughed at feeling the hand move from his throat and the pressure from the gun lessen.  “Oh my god! You haven’t fucked him yet! No wonder he’s a bloody mess!”


“SHUT UP!” Max roared and pushed himself away, storming out of the room while Johnson and Davidson smirked in triumph and Goose quickly ran after him.


“Max! Wait!” Goose shouted.


“For what?” Max turned and shouted back.  “Ya want what I can’t give ya, Goose! I can’t! I’m not ready! I can’t!”


“I know!” Goose cried and blocked his path.  “I was wrong to push you at the wedding by bringing a date! I was wrong!  And I deserved to be punished for it!”


Can we say bingo again?


That word “punished” was the perfect trigger, just like Goose had suspected it would be.  He’d never ever, EVER disobey Max again, as he had almost lost him that time for it, and he was desperate now to prove to Max that Max really did need him, just as badly as he needed Max.


“Punished?” Max said softly and looked at Goose with dawning clarity. 


Goose was careful to keep from showing any hint of a smile that would make Max see that the word had been used deliberately.  He wanted Max to do what came natural to him, not feel that he was being manipulated.  Goose didn’t just love him, he respected him, but with the man’s formidable stubbornness, he knew he had to help make things happen, although it had to be done very subtly.  Taking a date to the wedding had NOT been subtle, and he’d sure never make a mistake like that again.


“You’re right,” Max finally said with that glint in his eye Goose was hoping for.  “You were wrong. You disobeyed me, and I think it’s time I made you pay for it.”


“Nooooo,” Goose moaned and took a step back, although he made sure Max could see in his eyes that he didn’t mean it.  It was role-playing time, and it was a role Goose was very good at.


Max’s hand lashed out, snagged Goose by the hair of his head and pushed him to his knees.  Max knew that Goose could have fought it easily, but he had read the signal right and was playing his own role now.  He was ready for the relief he wasn’t able to get anymore with Linda.


Moving the hand, he then cupped it under Goose’s chin, roughly lifting his face to look up at him.   “Did you just say no to me too?” 


“I’m sorry,” he breathed with just the right amount of excitement.  “Don’t hurt me, Sir. I’ll never disobey you again. I swear.”  


Of course, Goose knew that Max wasn’t about to really hurt him.  It was all just part of the game, and it was why he trusted Max to play it with him and had stopped playing one-on-one with Johnson long ago.  Like he had told Max once, finding a man you could really trust in such a way was very hard, but every instinct in Goose’s body told him that Max could be trusted, that he had chosen his dom well.


“That’s right, you won’t, boy,” Max snapped.  “You’re mine. Say it!”


“I’m yours,” Goose sighed and lowered his eyes.


“Look at me!”


Eyes immediately locked again with the searing blue ones above, although now they were widened just a bit with a tinge of true fear.  Goose might have trusted Max, but the man was so unpredictable, that he just couldn’t completely help the way his dom’s authority and intensity washed over the sub within him, making him feel completely helpless with desire for anything …... anything.


‘Anything’ would have to wait, though, as Max knew he had very little knowledge about that kind of sex between men or even between men and women, and he was terrified he would lose control and accidentally hurt his friend.   He wasn’t just thinking about punishments with ropes and gags and other devices he knew little about; he was worried about simple anal sex.  He’d never done it before, as the one woman long ago he’d tried it with had cried at his size and made him stop, and not only wasn’t he mentally ready to try it with a man, he wasn’t sure how best to go about it to make it work without pain to the recipient.  Obviously, it was a large part of sex between gay men, Goose certainly wanted it and was used to it, but Max wouldn’t touch him there until he was damn good and ready.


“That’s better,” Max grunted at seeing the look on Goose’s face staring up at him.  “I meant it, Goose. Completely. No fucking games. You’re mine, and I better never fucking see you even LOOK at someone else.”


“I understand, Max,” he nodded, deliberately showing Max he was being just as serious by using his name instead of ‘Sir’.  “I’ll wait as long as you want. No men, no women, not even my hand. I really do swear, on our friendship, which means more to me than anything in the world.”


“Look,” Max softened for a moment at the word ‘friendship’ and the enormity of what he was asking of the man.  “I don’t know how else to say it, Goose, but I do want you. I just need more time. But that doesn’t mean your ass is free for anyone else. So if you have even the SLIGHTEST fucking doubt you can do this, say so now and then get up and get outta my face. I’m playing for keeps, but if you don’t think you can, I’ll take off for a while and we can fucking TRY to be just friends again when I get back. And if we can’t, if this really DOES bust our friendship, I’ll move away. Take it or leave it.”


“No!” Goose cried in fear.  “Don’t go anywhere! I’m serious too, Max. I can do this. I WANT to do this. I’ve never wanted to do anything like this for anyone in my whole fucking life but you.” 


He wanted to say more, tell the man his true feelings, shout ‘I love you,’ but he knew damn well it would blow up in his face and Max would run.  Max would run so far he’d never see him again.  - One step at a time, - he thought.  It had gotten him this far, and he wasn’t about to take any chances now.


Max wasn’t either.  He continued to stare deeply into Goose’s eyes; searching them to be sure he could trust the man with something that had to be done his way or no way at all.  His hand even moved to lie gently against his face, and Goose ever so slightly rubbed his cheek against Max’s palm, giving them both a shiver of pleasure.


“Can I ….. can I ask you something?” Goose spoke very hesitantly, terrified of saying the wrong thing and losing everything he’d just gained.


“Of course,” Max nodded.


“It’s just ….. just …. I ….. I ….”   His damn love-sick heart was holding him up.  He’d never felt so vulnerable in his life.  Big tough James Goose, decorated law enforcement officer, high school rugby champion, winner of more fights than he could remember, and this one man standing over him made him feel like a child, made him feel weak, but wonderful.


“Goose,” Max spoke very tenderly and rubbed his cheek with his thumb.  “Say it. I’m not gonna blow up on ya.”


“Ok,” he said with a deep breath.  “I was just wondering, and it has NO bearing on what I want and WILL do for you, but are you gonna keep seeing Linda? Or seeing anyone?”


Max’s lips twisted, trying not to laugh, as he understood why the man had been afraid to ask, but he didn’t want him to think he wasn’t going to take it seriously too.  “No. No one. Not even Linda.”


- THANK YOU GOD! – Goose screamed in his head.


Max may not have used a lot of words, but he had just committed himself to Goose, and Goose knew that Max Rockatansky took commitments seriously.  He had never once cheated on a woman he was in a real relationship with, another reason he was so sought after as a good catch in the community by both women and men.


“Thank you,” Goose smiled.


“Show me. Show me your thanks.”


Slowly, Goose raised his hand, watching Max’s face to be sure he really had been given permission to do what he had wanted to do in Fifi’s bathroom.  Was Max really going to let him touch him finally?  He almost jumped for joy at the thought.


Max’s expression didn’t change as the hand fell on his zipper and carefully pulled it down.  His physical arousal was only just starting again, the seriousness of their conversation had drained it somewhat, and Goose had little problem pulling it out without actually undoing his uniform.


The moment his fingers touched it, though, it began to grow quickly, until it soon stretched between them and met Goose’s face. 


At that point, Goose had to physically control himself not to wrap his arms around Max’s hips and hug him tightly.  The man wanted a blowjob, not be treated like a teddy bear, and Goose was determined to give Max the best fucking blowjob he’d ever had in his life.


He worshipped it, running his fingers lightly down the shaft from head to base along the top, then the sides, and then down the ever more sensitive bottom, tickling just right that ridge of skin under the head.  Max didn’t move, although his breath was already quickening at the attention.


Goose next touched the large scrotum, weighing the heavy sack in the palm of one hand while running his fingers through the hair on it and blowing warm air very softly around it.  He could have sworn he heard Max sigh.


Next he moved his face right into the base of the shaft and along the top of the scrotum, trying his best to get a good scenting of his dom.  And boy he did.  The flavor went right down his airways and swam through his system, settling in him to stay permanently.  Even if everything went to hell and back and he was never allowed to again, he knew he’d never forget the true scent of Max Rockatansky.  It would stay with him until the day he died.


He glanced up again at Max, who was staring down at him with his hands tight at his sides.  A look passed between them, and he knew that Max knew what he had just done, as Max nodded approvingly to show him, encouraging him to continue.


His nose then ran the length of him until he reached the tip where he knew it was time to satisfy his next sense.  It was time to taste. 


A flicker of his tongue on the head, and that barely audible sigh he had heard turned into a very audible groan.  And wanting to hear it again, Goose began to flicker his tongue all around the length, nibbling gently at that underlying skin flap, and then moving back to the scrotum to suck each side into his mouth for a right proper bathing. 


“Jesus, Goose,” Max actually gasped that time at feeling his balls in the man’s mouth.  Goose knew just how much pressure to put on them, just how far to pull at them before pain set in, and it was better than Max had ever had.


By the time Goose was done worshipping that part of his dom, the tip was leaking, and Goose eagerly, but slowly so Max could watch him, stuck out his tongue and licked it off, pressing the tip of his tongue deep into the slit to wiggle it around and make Max gasp again.


“You’re killing me,” the man panted above him.


“I know,” Goose grinned up at him.


“Don’t stop. Don’t you dare fucking stop.”


“No Sir. I won’t. I’m ‘thanking’ you, remember?”


“Yeah, now thank me faster before I shove it down your throat.”


“Yes Sir,” Goose grinned again and quickly enveloped the head with his mouth. 


Max’s legs almost buckled at that, his hands actually flew out, and he grabbed the railing of a stairway on one side of him and the back of a chair on the other.  He was beginning to wonder if he should sit down before Goose actually made him collapse.


He didn’t get a chance to really think about it, though.  His manhood was being taken to heaven by the hottest wettest suction he’d ever felt, and Goose was still only working on the head, although using his lips, tongue and even his teeth to give it every bit of attention it deserved first.


When Goose felt a hand suddenly pushing on the back of his head, however, he knew it was time to move further inward.  But he continued to do it slowly, an inch at a time, savoring every pull his mouth made on Max, savoring every inch of flesh he tasted. 


Max couldn’t believe it. Goose was moving slowly further and further down, further than any women had ever made it, and he began to pray that he was finally going to be deep throated, that he had finally found someone that could take him all. 


His prayers were about to be answered. 


With that final inch taken, Goose was working with his nose right against Max’s thatch of dark hair within the pants.  His throat was entirely relaxed, and after swallowing the part of the man he had longed for for years, he slowly moved back and forth, picking up the rhythm as one hand gently massaged the ever-tightening scrotum. 


If Max thought Goose had been killing him before, he was sure now that it was torture he was suffering.  His cock throbbed, his hand gripped in the short blond hair, and he had to force himself not to start thrusting his hips and actually fuck the tight perfect mouth like his body was craving to.


The feel of Max’s hand on the back of his head, entwined in his hair, was exactly what Goose wanted too, and he moaned with pleasure around the satiny heat in his mouth, as his other hand clenched and unclenched on his thigh in an effort not to pull out his own manhood and stroke himself.  He knew he would have to wait for permission for that, although it never even crossed his mind to reach up and touch any other part of Max with that hand.  He had been trained as a sub by others too well.


Max probably wouldn’t have noticed if he had; he was too far gone in the sensations that Goose was pulling out of him.  He felt like he was being turned inside out all over with the center of gravity in the universe suddenly coming from Goose’s mouth.  – Oh god oh god oh god – he started chanting in his mind, while all he allowed out of his mouth were louder and louder gasps until the “OH FUCK!” shout rang through the air, his other hand joined the one already on Goose’s head, and he pulled the man’s head tight up against him, spasming and releasing down his throat.


Goose didn’t struggle for even a second.  He had never considered spitting it out, he wanted to swallow, and he sucked the fluid jetting out of the pulsing organ as hard as he could into himself with satisfaction.  Max was in his body finally, and if Goose was lucky, it wouldn’t be the only way.


It was enough for Max, however.  The orgasm that ripped through him left him breathless and weak, and when it finally came to an end, his hands pulled backwards on Goose’s head, he collapsed back into a chair, and one hand ran through his hair in amazement while the other quickly pushed his very sensitive manhood back into his pants. 


Goose didn’t move.  He stayed on his knees and waited for Max to say something.  Although he knew full well what he had done to Max and would do for him over and over again if wanted, what the man really wanted at that specific moment, wanted more than anything, was to hear a kind word from Max, a word that told him and confirmed to him his worth.


He got it in the form of a reward.  “I’m taking ya home now. You can take care of yourself.”



Goose did indeed take care of himself that night after he had been allowed to pleasure Max.  He laid alone in his bed, closed his eyes and pictured Max above him, as he finally came for the first time since Fifi’s apartment weeks ago.  Only 15 minutes later he came again …… and again …… and again before he finally fell asleep in exhaustion and woke up feeling better than he had in ages.


The new day brought the “order” back to him, though, as the moment he slid into the seat when Max picked him up for work, Max grunted just one word at him and Goose knew what he meant.  Max said very quietly but firmly, “Stop.”


Max was finally catching on, and they were both loving every minute of it now.


Unfortunately, their euphoria at the new feeling in their relationship was shattered when they got to the station.   Johnson and Davidson had told everyone that Max hadn’t actually fucked Goose, and their co-workers were just a bit annoyed that their wager had been wrong and money had to pass hands again.  Even Fifi took it out on them at having to give back his winnings.


The commander was actually so annoyed that he was tempted to order them into his office and make them go at it on the desk where he could watch.  But he knew Max would never go for it, although he suspected correctly that Goose wouldn’t care in the least who saw them.  He did pull them into his office, though, when he saw them standing near each other and smiling after weeks of being separated to find out just what the hell had happened the night before.  He wasn’t about to completely take Johnson’s word on anything that had to do with Goose.


“OK Rockatansky, Goose, spill it. You two back together or is Goose still riding with Johnson?”


“Goose is mine,” was all Max would say.  Goose hadn’t even considered answering.  He willingly left it up to Max to make those kinds of decisions in their relationship.


“You OK with that, Goose?” Fifi had to ask, although he could see how Max had already moved his hand onto Goose’s lower back and the way the man was beaming with pleasure at the possessive touch.


“Yeah,” Goose grinned at his commander.  “I wanna ride with Max.”  - ON Max – he couldn’t help but think.


“Fine, anything to make my best team happy,” Fifi grunted with a roll of his eyes.  “Now get outta here, and for god’s sake hurry up and shag this week so I can win back my fucking money.”


Max just flipped him the finger over his shoulder, as they left the office and Fifi’s roar of laugher behind them.


In the main room, Max’s hand moved to Goose’s arm and stopped him in place with a tight squeeze.  He was ready to make an announcement, as he didn’t feel like being stared at any longer.  “Listen up everyone!” he shouted to the room.  “I’m only gonna say this once so ya better fucking listen cuz believe me, ya don’t wanna make me hafta repeat myself.”


No one made a sound.


The hand on Goose’s arm moved up and wrapped around the back of Goose’s neck, and he shook the man slightly as though to show him off.  “Ya see this? This man, Jim Goose, is off the fucking market. Anyone touches him answers to me. Starting today we’re riding together again, and if ya wanna know when I REALLY ride him, you can fucking go to hell, cuz it ain’t any of your fucking business.”


With that kind of speech made, Max figured they would be laughed at or the men would shrug and turn away; what he didn’t expect was a standing ovation.  Every man except Johnson, Davidson and Bentley stood and clapped with huge grins on their faces.  They’d still place their wages for fun, but things would go back to normal again, the way most every one of them wanted.




That normal lasted for three weeks. 


Goose didn’t wack off, Max didn’t touch him except for the little ways he had used to before the wedding, and Goose wasn’t allowed to touch Max in any way.  The one time he made the mistake of offering to suck Max when they were on the road and came across something mighty entertaining, was the day a newly comfortable normality for Max turned to a wretched hell.


It was another hot scorching day; they were sitting in the car having just eaten lunch on the side of the road when they caught sight of a flash in the tall grasses on the other side.  Both immediately pulled out their binoculars to look, and lo and behold were two men going at it doggie style. 


Max started to lower his binoculars, changed his mind, then lowered them again, then changed his mind again.  He had never even seen videos or pictures of men together in that way, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about seeing it for real in the flesh. 


Goose knew how it made him feel; it made him horny as hell, although he usually was just from working with Max.  This was bringing it to the surface, though, and he glanced over at Max’s lap to see whether his partner was feeling the same thing too.


He was, and both hands gripped tight to the binoculars, as his mouth gaped at seeing the forms move faster and faster until they stiffened and cried out.


“Let me, please,” Goose said softly and moved cross the seat closer to Max.


Max didn’t hear him.  His entire focus was still on the scene, and Goose took it mistakenly as permission.  He should have known better.


His hand grasped Max’s length through the uniform and squeezed, and Max’s head hit the ceiling of the car with a loud CRACK, almost knocking himself out cold as he fell back down and shoved Goose away from him.


“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YA DOING?” he screamed at the man while he fought the darkness spiking behind his eyes.  If I pass out now, he’ll probably ravage me while I lay here unconscious! -


“Oh god I’m sorry, Max” Goose cried and bowed his head in fear.  “I thought …. I thought you wanted me to. It was an honest mistake, I swear!”


“HERE?”  Max’s eyes were practically bugging out of his head.  “IN MY FUCKING CAR ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD IN BROAD DAY LIGHT?”


“Yes,” Goose squeaked and tightened his body in advance of the blow he expected to feel at any second.


“GET OUT!”  Max wasn’t about to hit him.  He could barely think straight from the knock on his head.


“What?”  Goose’s face flew up in shock.  Leaving him on the road without a car was dangerous.  He couldn’t believe Max would say that.




The man jumped that time, rolling out of the car as fast as he could as he grabbed a shot gun from the seat to take with him.  He wasn’t about to let Max leave him weaponless too.


Seconds later the car peeled out, kicking up dirt and rocks at Goose as Max roared down the road as fast as he could.  Only a few miles away, as soon as he could focus again, having desperately needed the white line racing past him to drive the darkness back from his eyes, he pulled over, took a deep breath then turned around and raced back. 


Goose had already started walking, found the car hidden by the two men having an afternoon romp, loaded the terrified civilians in by gun point and was driving back to the station at a mean pace.  He was so furious that he had no desire to look for Max first.


By the time Max returned to the same spot, Goose was long gone, not a trace of where he had vanished was left on the wind-swept highway.  Up and down the road he walked, searching gullies and fields, thinking that his partner must have been ambushed and hurt, and was beside himself that he could have lost his partner in such a short amount of time.


As the sun beat mercilessly down on him, and his face started to tremble at a feeling of loss he’d never experienced before, he finally caved and called Fifi at the station from the nearest town, praying that someone there had heard something somehow. 


“YOU WHAT?” Fifi blustered into the phone, although Goose was standing right beside him.


“I can’t find him!” Max cried loudly in despair.


“HOW THE FUCK DID YA LOSE YOUR PARTNER?”  Fifi and Goose were trying not to laugh.  Although it was cruel, Max needed to be taught a lesson before his temper got someone killed.


“Oh God Fifi, we got in a stupid fight. My fault and I kicked him outta the car. He could be DEAD already! I’ve looked EVERYWHERE!”


“Calm down, Max!” Fifi hurried to reassure the man.  He didn’t want the man freaking out TOO much.  “If Goose was armed, I’m sure he’s fine. You know as well as I do that he can take care of himself. Give it another hour and then come back. If you don’t find him, we’ll organize a search party.”


“OK,” Max sighed into the phone and hung up.  “If I find ya, Goose,” he spoke to himself in the filthy bar where he had found a phone.  “I swear I’ll apologize. I was wrong. Just don’t be dead on me now. Don’t do this to me.”




Two hours later the anguished man walked into the station, sure that his best friend had to be dead and it was just a matter of time before they stumbled across his plundered body. 


“GOOSE!”  That body was standing perfectly whole across the room, and Max ran in joy, wrapping his arms around the man.


Goose was smiling brightly, his own arms tight around Max, and the two men stood there, holding each other as Max choked back tears, buried his face into Goose’s neck and breathed in deeply, desperately.


“I’m OK,” Goose said quietly in Max’s ear as he rubbed the shaking man’s back. 


“Oh God, Goose,” Max breathed into his neck.  “I’m so fucking sorry. All my fault.”


“Ya damn right it is,” Fifi spoke up while everyone continued to stare.  “You ever pull a stunt like that again and you’ll be back to riding the white line alone.”


Max’s face lifted, he stared at Fifi, understanding suddenly what had REALLY happened, and nodded slightly in acceptance of the rebuke.   He could take it, the pain of losing Goose had hurt that bad, and Max was going to be sure he never did anything that stupid again.


“Let’s get some dinner,” he said to Goose as he released him.  “I’m fucking starved now.”




Yet another three weeks passed, and Max was completely broken off with Linda.  He had finally told her the last time she called that she needed to stop calling him, they didn’t have a future, and that he was seeing someone else.  He had tried to be nice about it, even apologizing for hurting her, but he had stayed firm and made sure she understood that they weren’t going to have a physical relationship anymore.


That set her off, knowing she was losing a good lover and a good catch to someone else.  So with a need to know who it was, she took to watching him when he was in town, watching him interact with every woman he came across, hoping she could figure it out.  Not one of the local townswomen stood out to her as being the one he was interested in, however, as they treated Max the same way they always did, flirting or friendly-like, and he treated them back in the exact same manner.  To the gay men of the community, it was obvious Max Rockatansky was still keeping himself in the closet.


It was Bentley that decided that it was time to end Max’s secret.  He knew he just couldn’t do it in a way that would fall back on his head at the station because of the unwritten rule.  He knew he’d never have a chance with Max, that Goose had his claws in the man, and that even though the gay men of the force could sense this time around that their relationship still hadn’t been completely consummated yet, it wouldn’t be much longer before it was.


The set-up of outing Max was pretty easy for Bentley.  Fifi was looking for a new secretary, and Bentley discovered that Linda, Max’s ex-girlfriend, was looking for a new job.  On an anonymous note slipped under her door made to look like Max’s writing, he wrote:


Hey babe,


No reason we can’t still be friends.  Who knows what’ll happen.  I really do miss you.  Why don’t you come by the station tomorrow at noon?  Fifi needs a secretary. Might be a way we can figure something out if we spend time together here where I usually am.




At noon the next day, Linda walked right in, armed with her resume and armed with her hottest outfit to not only get the job, but hopefully to get Max back too.  The minute she saw him, though, standing close to Goose in a corner with his hand on the side of the man’s hip, a man who was gazing at Max with obvious adoration as they talked, she figured it out.  She knew who the other “woman” was, and she knew that she should have seen it coming a mile away since the day of the wedding.


“MAAAAAX!” she shrieked through the room, and everyone stilled.


Max stiffened at the voice, knowing it was over, that he was outed, but he was damn well going to take it like a man.  Very slowly he turned to her, as she huffed crossed the room towards him and Goose.


“What are ya doing here, Linda?” he asked calmly, as he pulled Goose to him and dug his fingers down into the man’s pants on the side of his hip.  He wasn’t about to act ashamed at being caught.  He had known it would happen eventually, and he was ready to face it head on.


“You told me to come here!” she shouted and stared down at his hand on Goose.  “But for what? To show me you’re a fucking queer too?” 


“What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t ask ya to come here.”


“Oh yeah? Then what’s this?” she smirked triumphantly and threw the note at him.


Max caught it, read it and carefully looked around the room.  He knew he had been set up.  From the sea of faces surrounding them, though, only one appeared nervous …… Bentley.


“Looks like my writing, but it’s not. Someone here wanted ya to know about me and Goose.  Doesn’t matter who, but now ya know. So get lost if ya can’t stand the sight of me. I’m gay and I don’t give a shit who knows anymore.”


“How can you be gay?” she shouted up into his passive face.  “After all the things we did? This is fucking unreal!  I know you want these!”  And with that, she yanked up her top, exposing her bare breasts.


It took every ounce of Goose’s self control not to slap the woman. 


Max thought it was hysterical.  He began laughing; his arm leaving Goose’s hip and wrapping around Goose’s shoulders to help keep himself from falling down with merriment at what the woman would do in the middle of a roomful of hardened men.


It started Goose chuckling too, and his own arm moved around Max’s waist for the first time to hold the man tightly to him as they laughed and laughed together.


“I want’em!” one of the straight men shouted, and then broke down laughing too. 


Soon, the whole room was laughing, and Linda started to cry, “I thought we could be friends! I thought we had something special!”


“Awwww geez, Linda,” Max started, his laughter receding at seeing tears on a woman he had cared for.  “I’m sorry, but unless you can accept me with Goose, we can’t even be friends.”


“Max, please!” she wailed and threw herself at him in a last ditch attempt to sway him.  “I can turn you back! Make you straight again! Just let me try!”  


Her arms were around his neck, clinging to him, and Max immediately released Goose, moving he and Linda away from the other man before his partner blew up and said or did something he knew the man would regret later.


“Look Linda,” he said as he gently pulled her arms off him and proceeded to lead her outside.  “Let’s talk about this in private.”


Max hadn’t so much as glanced at Goose when he spoke to Linda and walked out of the room, but even if he had told Goose to stay where he was, Goose wouldn’t have listened.  The very moment the door closed behind them, Goose raced across the room and watched every movement they made from the window. 


So did the other men. They were all lined up next to and behind Goose, wanting to see if the attractive woman was actually going to sway Max or not.  Several even started trying to place bets, but it was odds no one was willing to take. 


Linda tried her best.  She kept touching him, crying and holding him, but although his hands held her back and rubbed her soothingly, he kept his face on the window behind her, assuring Goose with specific looks between them that the man had nothing to fear.  Max was not going to be with Linda ever again. 


When Linda finally gave up, she contented herself with the knowledge that although she had lost Max, she hadn’t lost him to another woman, and she was going to go right into town that day and make sure everyone knew.  Soon the whole community would know that their best road cop, Max Rockatansky, was gay too.


Max just outwardly shrugged her sniping off, although he was boiling inside that Bentley had outed him before he had been ready to do it himself.  Bentley was going to pay for that mistake ……. soon.


He walked back inside, the men drifted away from the window and Goose followed him to the locker room.  Neither knew that Bentley had already escaped into there.


“You smell like perfume now,” Goose remarked at watching Max silently undress. 


“Yeah,” he grunted.  “Can’t stand it. Never really could. Shit, go get some towels. These are all wet.”


By the time Goose found clean ones, Max had discovered Bentley shaking in terror in a dark corner, hoping not to be spotted.   He knew Max had figured it out from the look he had given him when he had scanned the room, and he was thinking now that he should have ran further than the locker room, as no one was in the vicinity to protect him.


“Jesus Christ, Max” Goose hissed in shock at seeing what Max was doing to the man.  He had Bentley gagged with a wet towel, bent over a bench on his knees with his pants down, and his shotgun barrel was shoved right up the man’s ass.


“Is this what ya wanted from me, Bentley?” Max growled, ignoring Goose for the moment. 


Bentley’s head was shaking violently back and forth as tears ran down his face.  He was hurting, but much worse was the belief he was going to die by the “mad” man on the force.   “Told ya not to fuck with Goose, and bringing Linda here was definitely fucking. So now I think I’m gonna fuck with YOU.”  And he pushed it in even further, as Bentley screamed in terror behind the gag with no one hearing but Max and Goose.


Goose couldn’t believe it, but then again, knowing Max, he could.  His eyes met with Max’s in worry, and he breathed a sigh of relief then at seeing that Max’s eyes weren’t wild like he had feared they would be.  They were calm eyes, telling him he wouldn’t seriously harm the other man, that he was only looking to put the “fear of Max” into him.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Bentley started screaming behind the gag, quite muffled but clear enough for their ears to make out what he was saying. 


“Ya better quit thrashing, Bentley,” Max warned.  “Or my finger might just slip on the trigger.”


Naturally, Bentley didn’t know it, but the gun wasn’t loaded.  Max had checked to be sure first.  “Noooooooo,” Bentley moaned.


“Yesssssss,” Max hissed and pulled the trigger, an audible click sounding that caused Bentley to screech and pass out.


The game was over, and Max fell back laughing at the sight of the unconscious man with a shotgun shoved up his ass.  He was quite sure now that Bentley wouldn’t dare fuck with him and Goose ever again, and if he did, the next time the shotgun would be loaded, the next time Max would be sure it was just the two of them alone on the road with no witnesses. 


Goose was almost hyperventilating at what had just happened.  He was laughing, but he was also overpowered by the intensity of it, the rush of everything else that had just happened with Linda, and the thrill of how he had won Max in front of all their co-workers.  He knew life with Max would never be boring.


When Max’s laughter finally died, he stood straight, smiled at Goose and said, “Clean my gun and throw Bentley in a corner. I’m gonna hop in the shower now.”


“Yes Sir,” Goose nodded.  He knew he wouldn’t be invited in the shower with Max.  Ever since their relationship had changed from just friendship to “something” more, Max had refused to shower with him, and Goose suspected it was now because Max wanted him more than ever in THAT way but didn’t want to lose control at work.


He was absolutely right about that.  The avoidance of showering with a man he had showered with for years before had started out from disgust, anger, and fear of both himself and of Goose.  As time had gone by, though, under Goose’s careful manipulations, Max’s feelings had changed to only fear, a shy kind of fear of showing his arousal so blatantly at work in a shower full of other naked men.  Max knew he was very close to taking Goose, and the thought of seeing his ass bare and dripping with water haunted him so much that he avoided every opportunity to see it.




The day finally came two weeks later. 


Those two weeks hadn’t been so bad for Max in respects to the community’s acceptance of his relationship with Goose.  The two men ate dinner in town a few times, saw a couple movies together, and Max only touched Goose in the barest of ways outside the station, where he never touched him very much anyways. 


They also hadn’t had another sexual encounter since the blow job, and although Max relieved himself at home every night after a day of working with Goose, Goose didn’t disobey the order of “stop” that Max had given him.


The man was churning inside to cum after weeks of abstinence, but not even a hand stroking on his bare length in the shower one day would get him to release for someone other than Max.


It was late at night, most of the men had gone home, Max had been sent on a solo mission that only required one man, and Goose was trapped between Johnson and Davidson again.  As much as he wanted to fight, he found himself backed into a wall in the shower, naked with two other naked men, and blood was rushing into his long neglected manhood under Davidson’s skilled hands.  It certainly didn’t help either that Johnson’s strong dom personality was keeping a weakened Goose from being able to struggle as much as his mind screamed at him to. 


He didn’t want to be pleasured by these men. He hadn’t asked for it, and it sickened him that he couldn’t control himself from hardening at the sensations.  Oh god! Oh god oh god I need to cum! Max shoulda let me cum! I can’t take this! I can’t take this!  Why is Max torturing me so much? I’m only fucking human! –


But as much as he questioned it in his near-sexual hysteria, he wouldn’t touch the other men.  He also knew deep down inside that they could stroke him all he wanted and he would never cum for them.  Never.  His honest love for Max gave him the extra willpower he needed in that way, as his natural sexual submissiveness in his past encounters with Johnson kept him from being able to fully resist at least feeling a little of what his body so badly needed. 


With hands splayed against the shower wall, his head shook back and forth moaning, “No, no, no, stop, please, stop, no, no, stop.” 


“Shhhhhh, Goosey, shhhhhh,” Johnson cooed and nipped firmly at the man’s shoulder, as his fingers on one hand pinched at Goose’s nipple, pulling it out almost painfully. 


Davidson didn’t say a word.  His two hands were working fast on Goose’s manhood, and he was humping the side of Goose’s upper thigh between his legs.  If his dom could keep Goose still long enough, Davidson was going to shoot all over the man’s leg.  He had already been given permission with the silent signal they had perfected years ago.


Everything changed the moment Johnson’s other hand traveled elsewhere, however.   He was forcing his hand between Goose’s legs in an attempt to finger fuck him, and although it was something he had done to Goose many times in the past, it was just enough of a shock to be touched there after so long that it snapped Goose completely out of his almost trance-like state. 


“I SAID NO!” Goose roared and pushed both men off him.  He had finally found the strength to fight, and he wasn’t about to let it go on for even another moment.


CLAP … CLAP ... CLAP they heard from the far corner of the showers where someone had been watching the whole thing very quietly.  Max knew how to move with stealth; he was extremely good at it.


With a deep sigh he walked fully clothed into the room, and Goose started to move towards him, until he saw the look of deadly fury radiating from Max’s eyes, radiating at HIM and not just at the other two men.  Goose knew then that he was in trouble too.


“Shit,” he whimpered and moved away from everyone to the farthest side of the shower. 


Davidson was right behind Goose in that retreat; he didn’t want to be anywhere near “mad” Max when he reached them.  Johnson may have thought that the man’s reputation was over-blown, but Davidson was sure it wasn’t.


“Didn’t I tell ya Goose was mine?” Max said only to Johnson.


“Sure, Rockatansky,” the man laughed contemptuously.  “But you must’ve seen the hard-on we gave him. The man needs a good fucking, and he ain’t getting it with you.”


Shaking.  Max was shaking.  Black rage he kept in check most of the time was working its way up from the deepest recesses of his soul.  He was about to enter his kill-zone, and Johnson was about to find out just how wrong he was about underestimating “mad” Max.


“What’s the matter MAAAD Max?” Johnson taunted him.  “Are you a deaf eunuch too?”


Goose closed his eyes.


Davidson gasped.


Max smiled.


“You’re not worth my time,” he grunted and turned away, reigning in the “madness” before it over-whelmed him.


“I knew it!” Johnson shouted in glee.  “You’re not just a fucking lousy lover; you’re a fucking coward too!”


Johnson didn’t even get a chance to lift his arms in defense.  They were suddenly on the ground with the rest of his body buried under Max, who was proceeding to very efficiently bash the man’s head into the hard tiled floor.


The attack had happened so swiftly that Johnson flailed helplessly, moaning in pain as blood began to seep out of gashes opening in his head.  Davidson was moaning too, in terror that he would be next, and he crawled into the corner next to Goose, fell to his knees and clutched at the man’s legs in a desperate plea for protection. 


Goose didn’t even notice or feel the other man clinging to his legs.  He was standing in shock.  He knew that Johnson was quite likely about to die.


The only sounds in the room were the moans of two men, the crack of that head over and over, and Max’s grunts of animal-like fury, as he finally eliminated the only other high alpha male dom on the Main Force Patrol.  The primal savage in him rejoiced.


It wasn’t until Johnson stilled completely, his arms no longer trying to push at Max or his mouth moving in torment that Max dropped him fully, sensing his enemy was defeated, and stood up.  He turned to Davidson then, who howled in fear and tried to frantically bury himself between Goose’s legs. 


Max didn’t care.  That animal in him wanted the other man to pay for the crime of touching his mate too.  But Goose cared.  He knew what it felt like to be that scared of a single man.  He remembered quite well when he had been forced to use his safe place in his mind the few times he had mistakenly picked the wrong man as a dom for a night and wasn’t sure if he would survive the experience or not.  Goose knew that Max could never understand that kind of fear, that he wasn’t capable of it, and because of that, he knew it was up to him to protect the sub at his feet as best he could.


“Calm down, Max” he said.  “No reason to hurt Davidson.”


“He touched you.”  Max’s voice was low, guttural, and he stepped closer to them like the predator he was.  “You LET him touch you.”


“Oh Jesus,” Goose rushed in horror, feeling very much like the prey.  “Take it out on me. Not him. Let him go. Johnson’s still breathing. Don’t be a cop killer now too.”


Max turned his head at that, saw the faint rise and fall of Johnson’s chest, something he had already known, and grinned the grin of a man looking down into hell and seeing Disney World instead.  He knew full well that Johnson was still breathing.  It was no accident, as by only the skin of his teeth Max had managed to hold back the tiniest sliver of rage and not actually plunge fully onto that rollercoaster ride into hell. 


Turning back to Goose, he gave just one warning.  “Get away from him.”




Nostrils flared, the predator moved fast again, and Goose went flying into another wall.  Davidson screamed like a banshee, tried to run, but Max tackled him, bringing the man down and landing one blow before Goose was on his back, pummeling him. 


“GET OFF ME!” Max roared and twisted around to defend himself from the force of the strikes. 


“Run Davidson! Get Johnson outta here!”


Davison didn’t have to be told twice.  He scrambled out from under Max, grabbed Johnson by the arms and pulled his unconscious body out of the shower room.  Max no longer cared, all his focus was on Goose.  He hadn’t wanted to beat the other man as severely as Johnson, anyways; just a few smacks to show the man that he couldn’t get away unscathed from touching what was his.


“You’re sick, Max!” Goose shouted while he was forced from being on the offensive to suddenly being on the defensive.


“I’m not the one in here letting myself be manhandled!” he shouted back as they wrestled.  “You told me you could handle it! You told me you could wait! I fucking trusted you!”


Max knew, of course, that Goose had put a stop to it just before he had clapped and made his presence known, but it was seeing Goose’s physical responses to the men’s attention to his body that Max felt burning through his mind.  A part of him wanted to hurt Goose too, make him pay for the betrayal.


“For the love of fucking god, Max! You CAN trust me!  But I’m only fucking human!  I tried and if you hadn’t come in they woulda had to rape me ‘cuz I wasn’t gonna let them! I swear! I wanted them to stop! I did!”


“Stop?” Max snarled as he flipped Goose over on his stomach and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants.  “Why would ya want to stop what you’ve been whining for for months? Huh? A big fat cock up your ass! Isn’t that what ya want, Goosey-boy? Ya wanna be split in half on cock?”


“Not like this,” Goose cried into the tile, his body stilling in dread.  He knew just how big that cock was, and he wasn’t prepared to take it yet, although he knew he had little choice unless he wanted to struggle more and push Max even further away.  It was a choice he didn’t like making, but he was honestly hoping that if Max took his fury out on him, they could then move past it and Davidson would be spared.  He was willing to be the sacrificial lamb to save a fellow sub.


Max didn’t even hear that one muffled plea.  The feel of his bare cock on that bare ass was all encompassing, and before Goose could open his mouth to tell Max what he could do to make it easier for him, Max pushed himself into his sub’s wet, shower-soaked ass, claiming him in entirety.


“AHHHHHHHH!” Goose wailed and tried to buck Max off him.  But it was too late; Max was already half buried, and it only proceeded to drive him further into the man. 


Goose’s mouth clamped closed, his body stilled flat against the floor at being completely impaled, and he bit hard into his lip to keep from crying out again as tears ran from his eyes and blood ran from within.


“Oh god, Goose!” Max shouted and began thrusting, not aware of the horrible pain he was causing the man. 


Oblivious, he continued over and over, harder and deeper, as his balls slapped solidly against the man’s cheeks.  It was better than he could have ever imagined.  A woman’s tight sex was nothing compared to the tightness of being enveloped in Goose, and it was such a revelation that he suddenly knew it was going to be something he would want to do every day for the rest of his life.  Jim Goose was his, and he was going to make sure he stayed his.


Goose wanted it every day too, but it was going to take a few good days of healing before he’d willingly let Max do it again.  He couldn’t believe how much it hurt, but he kept his mind focused on it, didn’t escape to his safe spot, and waited for Max to finish so that he could curl up and comfort himself.  As soon as he was able to, he was also planning to throw every kind of lubricant he had at Max and teach the man all about anal sex preparation now that he had finally broken and done it.  Goose was going to be the teacher on this subject or Max was never going to touch his ass ever again.  One mistake could be forgiven in the heat of anger, but there was no way he would allow him to get away with it uneducated.


“GOOOOOSE!” Max soon roared, shuddered, and pushed down as far as he could, pouring himself into the man’s raw, bleeding ass. 


At the cry of completion, Goose cried both tears of joy and tears of pain, his face flat on the cold wet floor, while Max arched his own towards the ceiling, continuing to howl in pleasure.  Max’s hands had never left the floor on each side of Goose’s back, but the moment he came down from those earth-shattering heights, his entire body fell heavily onto Goose, and he panted exhaustively into the back of the man’s neck. 


“God almighty Goose,” he breathed followed quickly by, “Nooooo …. nooooo,” when he saw the tears running from the eyes under his.


As fast as he could he withdrew, saw the blood on himself and moaned once again, “Noooo,” at realizing what he had done.


Scrambling in shame, a horrified Max sloshed across the wet floor and sat up against the wall, his head falling into his hands, as his own tears came forth.  He had really gone and hurt Goose.  He had lost control and hurt the only person he truly cared about in his life. 


“’S OK, mate,” Goose groaned and pulled himself over to Max.  “I know you didn’t mean to. Didn’t know. I could’ve fought ya more.”


“You should have! Oh god, Goose! You should have! I didn’t wanna hurt you! Not really! I wasn’t even gonna hurt Davidson much! Just teach the little fucker a lesson. I’m not sick! I’m not! I’m not!”


“I know you’re not, Max,” Goose assured him.  “I just said that because of Davidson. I’m glad ya beat the living shit outta Johnson. Asshole deserved it. But I’m glad ya would have held back for Davidson. I have to admit that I understand a little of what it’s like to be in his place.”


“You do?” Max asked, looking up with a tear-streaked face.  “Is that how you feel with me? The shitty way Johnson treats Davidson makes me sick. Do I do that to you too?”


“No!” Goose practically shouted and placed his hands firm on both sides of Max’s trembling face.  “You treat me exactly how I WANT and LET you treat me. I’m a big boy, Max. If I didn’t like it, I’d have told you to shove off like I told Johnson years ago when he was my dom. I just don’t think Davidson always has a full choice in the matter, even though he definitely likes more extreme stuff than me.”


“But …. but Goose, I didn’t exactly give you a choice just now when I …. when I took you. And you got nothing out of it. Johnson was right. I’m a fucking lousy lover, and I swear to god I’ll never touch you again if you hate me now. Just say the word. Never again.”


Goose wanted to laugh loudly at the irony, laugh at the idea of never wanting Max in him again, laugh at never wanting Max to touch him or be near him again.  But he held it back and pulled the anguished man to him, wrapping his arms around him as it was reciprocated eagerly. 


They held each other then, one naked, one clothed, one hurting physically, one hurting emotionally, but the warmth of their friendship saved them, and the warmth of the falling water washed away the blood and tears.




Wiping their faces, they released each other after a few minutes and Max stood, holding his hand down to Goose to help him up.  Goose accepted the hand, stumbled for a moment from the burning pain in his lower body, and leaned heavily on Max as he led him out, toweled him off and completely dressed him, not allowing Goose to do a single thing.  


Max wanted to make it up to the man he had hurt so badly in ignorance, and he walked him out to his car, drove to the man’s home and helped him undress to his boxers and get into bed.  Goose immediately laid on his stomach, burying his head in exhaustion into a pillow, and watched Max rummage through his medicine cabinet.


“What are ya looking for?” he asked.


“Ya gotta have something in here to help ya. Some kinda cream?”


If it were possible, Goose fell in love even more right then.


“Yeah, top shelf. It’ll definitely help. Thanks, mate.”


“Found it.”  - Least I can do for being so fucking stupid to think the water from the shower would be enough lube for ya. -


“Hey, what are ya doing?” Goose cried and twisted his upper body at feeling Max pull his boxers down.


“Trust me, don’t ya?”


“Of course, but ya never ….. never touched. I can do it myself, mate.”   The idea of an inexperienced hand like Max’s touching him there after it had been so abused was more than a bit worrisome to the hurting man.


“I know,” Max agreed as he placed a pillow under Goose’s hips to lift the man’s ass closer to him.  “But isn’t that what a dom does for his sub? Takes care of him?  Not just sexually but in ways like this?”


“Oh yeah,“ Goose sighed with understanding.  “You been doing some research?”


“Yeah, a little, but obviously not enough for this to have happened to you. I want you to teach me, Goose. Teach me everything you know about what I’m supposed to do. Don’t want anymore mistakes.”


“I will, Max. I’ll teach you everything, starting now.”


“Good,” he nodded and squeezed some cream on his finger.  “Now spread yourself.”  


“Yes, Sir.”


Max still had yet to really touch the man’s bare skin other than when he had entered him on the shower room floor, and he found himself staring for a moment at how the light in the room reflected off the soft-looking blond hair that very lightly covered the pale muscular cheeks. 


Then, visibly wincing, he next stared in shock at the blood covered, swollen-fleshed, muscle.  He was so intent on wanting to help Goose, though, that it never even once crossed his mind that six months ago he would have thought that looking at a man’s anus was the grossest thing in the world.  Right now Goose needed to be healed, and if Goose really did trust him to do it again, he couldn’t wait to feel that muscle clenching his manhood so perfectly in a way that would hopefully bring them both pleasure the next time.


“Go slow, one finger,” Goose told him, staring over his shoulder and seeing the intense look on his friend’s face.


With a look back up, Max nodded to assure the man that he had heard, and he then carefully placed his finger on the muscle. 


“Yessssssss,” Goose sighed and relaxed further.  The ointment was cool and soothing, just what he needed.


“More, rub it in carefully,” he continued on with instructions.


Immediately, Max removed his finger, squirted more directly on the muscle and began carefully moving his finger around, working the cream around the tender flesh.


“Now inside,” Goose said.


“Inside?” Max questioned.  “You sure?”


“Hey,” Goose teased.  “Who’s supposed to be in charge now?”


“OK,” Max smiled.  “Don’t wanna be paddled for questioning the teacher.”


Goose had to laugh at that.  “You sure? I got a paddle right here.”  And he pointed to the bedside table.


“You shitting me, Goose? A paddle?”  - He likes to be paddled? …… Could be fun. -


“Oh yeah. A few other things too you might like. Nothing too extreme, though.”  - But I’m definitely willing to experiment more with you, Max. -


“Maybe,” Max snorted.  “But no fucking way as the recipient.”


“Yeah,” Goose chuckled.  “Didn’t think so. Don’t worry, mate, that’s MY job.”


“Good, long as we understand that,” Max teased, although he was also serious.  “So, maybe when you’re all healed you can show me how to use your …… things on you, the way you like it?”


“With pleasure, Sir,” Goose sighed and wiggled his ass a little.  – Didn’t think you’d let me near your ass with a paddle, but I hope I can get my fingers and mouth on it some day! -


Max laughed again and lightly slapped his thigh.  “OK. Hold still. I’m going in.”




“Hmmmm?” he answered as he put more cream on his finger.


“You don’t know how fucking long I’ve waited to hear you say that.”






“Shut up.”   Although it was said with twinkling eyes and a wide grin.


“Ohhhhhh,” Goose soon moaned as the finger slowly entered him.  He wasn’t up for a right proper finger fuck, but he wanted that cream put in as far and around as Max would go.


“Am I hurting you?” Max asked worriedly and immediately stopped.  Can’t believe how tight, how hot, how it could take my dick without really killing him. No fucking way I’m EVER gonna bottom. -


“No, no, no,” Goose quickly assured him.  “Just keep going slowly, all the way and work it around a little. Ya gotta really rub the cream in. But gently Max. God, do it gently please.”


“OK, I swear, won’t hurt you. And if I do, say something. Tell me. That’s an order.”


“I will Max. If you ever accidentally hurt me again, I’ll let ya know.”


“Good ‘cuz if ya don’t, I’ll have to paddle ya,” he quipped, although he was very serious about the entire conversation.


“You’re turning into a tease, mate,” Goose laughed, hoping for a nice right paddling by his dom some day for a play-type transgression.


“Welllllll,” the tease drawled as he worked the finger around.  “I had the best teacher.”


“Flattery will get ya everywhere, mate.”


“You saying I haven’t been everywhere yet?”


“Nope, but don’t you worry. Head Teacher Goose will show ya the way.”


“Looking forward to it, Teach.”


Once Max had as much cream into Goose’s ass as he could get and the man was moaning and groaning with obvious pleasure as he did it, he removed his finger, wiped it on a tissue and began to pull up the boxers.


That’s when he noticed it.  He had been so busy bantering with the man and working on that muscle that he hadn’t noticed that Goose had been thrusting slightly into the pillow.  When his hands glanced across the man’s erection by mistake, Goose’s entire body shook, and he turned around and stared up at Max with pleading eyes.


Max knew what he wanted.  He wanted the relief he hadn’t had in weeks, and he wanted Max to give it to him.   With a sigh of resignation, Max decided that there was certainly no reason not to now.  His dick had been in the man’s mouth, up his ass, and his finger had been in there too.  What difference did it make if he touched Goose there?  Not a bloody difference in the world.  It didn’t make him any less than a man to jerk off another man, and Max understood that now.


“On your side,” he ordered softly and helped Goose ease his still aching body into that position. 


“You …. I …..you….I…., ” Goose stammered in anxiety and hopeful expectation.


“What?” Max said, and looked up from staring at the man’s bare groin.


“I can do it, if you let me.”


“Don’t want you to. ‘Stop’ still applies.”


“Yes, Sir.”  And he watched in amazement as Max slowly reached out.  “You don’t have to, Max. I’ll be fine.”  Goose was worried Max would do it and then regret it later.  It was a hard step for a strong dom like Max to take, but a good dom would overcome that step and learn to pleasure his sub like his sub pleasured him.  The best relationships were give and take, and theirs was finally reaching that level.


“Shut up, Goose,” Max rumbled and enclosed the man’s length with his hand. 


The moment he touched him, Goose relaxed again with a heavy sigh, laid his head on the pillow and gave himself over to the feel of Max’s expert hand.  His partner may have been inexperienced at everything else, but this was one act he could well perform.   


Breathing quickened fast, hips thrust towards Max, and he panted out a very important question. “Can I? Can I?”


Max hesitated for a moment, although his hand didn’t stop moving.  He was considering prolonging it for Goose, making him hold back a couple times.  But after everything the man had been through that day and how long it had been since he had let him cum, he decided that there would always be time for that kind of play later; that this time was for Goose and only for Goose.




“Oh god, thank you, Max!” Goose cried, and with another shout shot the warm fluid all over himself and Max’s hand. 


“You’re welcome,” Max chuckled and proceeded to clean the man and his hand with tissues. 


“What about you?” Goose asked with a pointed look at the straining in Max’s pants.


“What about me? I think I got enough for today, more than enough.”


“Never enough. But thanks. I really AM pretty wiped right now.”


“Get some sleep, Goose. I’ll pick up some more ointment and bring it by tomorrow. You think you’ll be up for work by 10 or should I call Fifi and tell him you’re staying home?”


“No don’t. Can’t afford to. Besides, I’ll be much better by morning. I bounce back fast,” he laughed.  “Just need some sleep. But if you could get me more ointment, that would be great.”


“Sure thing. Night Goose.”


“Night Max.”




Goose had been right.  What he needed most was a good night’s sleep, and after the hand job from Max, he finally had the first one he’d had in longer than he could remember.  He slept so soundly and well that he didn’t even hear when the lock was jimmied on his outside door and a figure walked into his bedroom.


The figure stood over his face at the head of the bed and unzipped its pants.  That was what Goose heard; he heard the unmistakable zip, and his hand flew out with a gun pressed right into the groin.


“FUCK GOOSE!” Max shouted in surprise, but forced himself not to move and accidentally set the finger on the trigger off.


“AW SHIT MAX!” he shouted back, put the gun down and laid back heavily on the bed.  After the restful sleep he had gotten, he was able to lie on his back for short periods of time before the pain became too bad again.  “Scared the fuck outta me! Coulda killed ya! Why didn’t ya knock?”


“What?” Max asked, as that ‘look’ came into his eye.  “I gotta knock now? Never did before.”


Actually, the night before was the first time Max had been in Goose’s house since the motel incident.  He had taken to refusing every offer to come in and hang out like he had used to and had only been willing to pick up and drop Goose off at his house all those months their new relationship was forming.


“No, no. ‘Course not,” Goose hurried to protest.  “You can come and go whenever ya want, Max. Just like always. Just the first time you broke in, is all. Startled me.”


“That’s not all I’m gonna do,” Max grinned and finished unzipping his pants and pushing them down. 


- OH SHIT! - Goose thought at seeing the object that had caused him so much pain.  - He can’t be wanting my ass yet! Need at least another day to heal enough! –


The horror must’ve shown on his face, as Max pointedly rolled his eyes at Goose for thinking that he could possibly be THAT stupid and then snapped out, “Don’t move.”


Goose didn’t move.  He watched as his own arousal rushed through him, causing the bed sheet to stick straight up in the air over his groin at seeing Max stroke himself over him. 


With one hand Max pulled the sheet down then spoke another command.  “Do it.”


“Yes Sir!” Goose barked, and before they knew it they were both gasping in completion, as Goose came on himself and Max deliberately came all over Goose’s face.


The man loved it.  His mouth opened eagerly and his tongue came out, not touching but catching every drop that landed on it while relishing the warm feel of Max’s essence around the rest of his face.


Breathing heavily with satisfaction, Max finished, reached down and scooped some of Goose’s own onto his fingers to run them through his that was shining on Goose’s face.  When his two fingers were covered with both, he pressed them around Goose’s lips, feeling the softness of them for the first time in that way, and then moved them over the seeking tongue and into the warm mouth. 


Goose moaned and sucked on their combined essence, licking and stroking it off Max’s fingers with his tongue and lips as Max’s mouth opened at such an erotic feeling that he had never even thought of trying for with a woman.  For some reason, the sight of their cum splashed upon the man’s body had just made him naturally want to do it to Goose, and he wondered at what other feelings he was going to experience with the man.  He was already thinking about all kinds of things he would put in Goose’s heavenly mouth soon, not to mention that ass of his as soon as it healed.


Max was planning on filling Goose up in so many ways and so often that he couldn’t WAIT to get his hands on what Goose had hidden for ….. stuff in that drawer of his, and he even wondered if he should pick up a catalog in the city so that they could go through it together and make choices for more …. stuff.  Max Rockatansky was beginning to feel like a child in a toy store at all the possibilities he was facing with this man who excited him like no other.


But first he had to take care of him, make sure he was good and ready before anything more happened, and because he was beginning to feel arousal all over again tightening his groin at what Goose was doing to his fingers, he pulled them out of his mouth with a smirk and tucked himself back in his pants. 


“Here.”  He tossed him the box of tissues.  “Clean yourself. I’m gonna fill the tub.”


“Tub?” Goose asked in surprise.


“You don’t want a bath?” Max shot back with a cock of his eyebrow.


“No, no! I do, Max!  Anything you want! Anything!”  - Well, except for my ass. But soon, very soon. -


“Good, then shut up and wait there before I gag ya for questioning me.”


Goose beamed.


A few minutes later, Max walked him into the bathtub. Goose was still mighty sore, although the pain was much less in the intense burning way than it had been the night before.  A warm bath would help soothe his muscles, and with Max soaping him all over this time, not afraid to put his hands beneath the water like he had in Fifi’s apartment, Goose was soon sighing with pleasure and luxuriating in the nicest bath he had ever had. 


Max did everything, his body, his hair, his face; he didn’t let Goose lift a finger, and when the water finally cooled and he ordered Goose out, it was inspection time.


With a soft towel, Max walked around and knelt besides Goose’s standing body and carefully dried him everywhere, looking for bruises and marks he had left on the man during their fight in the shower.  There were a lot, and some looked pretty nasty, but nothing looked like it wouldn’t heal on it’s own, and when he was satisfied that Goose was both dry and well, outer body-wise at least, he moved to the last area that needed to be checked. 


“Knees.  Ass over the tub,” he ordered.


Goose dropped without question and presented his backside, laying his hardened groin on top of the tub side. 


“Spread yourself.”


The cheeks spread wide, Max pulled the cream out of his pocket, and he worked it just like he had the previous night.  That time, however, he noticed how Goose was thrusting a bit against the tub, especially when his finger hit a certain spot inside.


“Right there?” Max asked and flicked the prostate with the tip of his finger. 


“Oh yes, Sir!” Goose cried and pushed back on the finger for more.


Max had always known, although not from personal experience, that it was a pleasure spot for men, but he was only just beginning to understand why so many men wanted to bottom like Goose at seeing how his sub reacted to contact in that special spot.  


It even made him wonder if he was missing out on something, but the idea of a man’s cock inside him really did make him feel ill, although he was beginning to think that a finger or a tongue might be something he would eventually allow.  It was at least something to consider, he was sure Goose would be happy to do it to him, and he almost laughed at himself for never having let a girl touch him down there like a few had offered in the past, as he had been convinced that it would have meant that he was gay. 


“Do it,” Max next ordered, as he continued teasing the prostate with his cream slathered finger and his other hand whipped out his own length.


Goose released his ass cheeks and grabbed himself with one hand, using his other to balance himself better while he continued pushing back as hard as he could to feel that finger plunging in and out of him.   It had been soooooo very long since he had enjoyed being fucked in that way, and any pain he may have felt left over from the night before was diminished in the joy he was experiencing.


It wasn’t long before they were both shouting and shooting, Goose all over the side of the tub and Max all over his back and ass. 


“Well,” Max gasped and sat down on the toilet as he washed his finger off and then pulled his pants up.  “I could use a fucking nap now.”


“Me too,” Goose laughed and wiped off the tub and as much of it off his back and ass as he could.  “But I really gotta get to work.”


“Yeah, I know,” Max nodded and wiped some of his cum off Goose’s back where the man hadn’t been able to reach well.  “Get dressed and we’ll head. You need any help getting dressed?”


“No, but thanks. I really am fine. Just give me another day or two and I’ll be fine everywhere.”


Max just smiled and nodded again. He could think of other things to do until then.




Unfortunately, things didn’t work out like he planned. 


“ROCKATANSKY” came the bellow from Fifi’s office the moment he heard the man was in the building.


“Wait here,” Max told Goose and started across the room, noting that everyone was staring at him warily.  News must have traveled fast.


“No, please,” Goose called out, beseeching Max with his eyes.  He knew it had to be in connection to what had happened with Johnson and Davidson, and he didn’t want Max to have to face the consequences alone.


“Fine,” Max muttered and turned back towards the office, followed by Goose.


Moments later ……




“Better than the ground,” Max grunted, holding his commander’s eyes fearlessly.




“Well, I didn’t, so slap a fine on me or something cuz I’m ready to hit the road.”


“I don’t think so. You’re fucking grounded.”


“WHAT?” Max blustered as Goose winced and took a step back.  Grounding Max, a man who LIVED for the road, was like wading into a lake full of crocs.


“Listen to me, Rockatansky,” Fifi growled down at him.  “You need a fucking vacation. Can’t remember the last time you took a couple days off. So this is it, take a vacation right now and you’ll still have your job when you get back.”


“Fifi,” Goose spoke up before Max could.  “Did Davidson tell you what he and Johnson were doing in the shower with me? The fucker deserved it. Wouldn’t take no for an answer.”


Fifi sighed and looked at Goose.  “Yeah, Davidson came clean with me. But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m down a good cop now. Johnson woke up just long enough to tell Davidson he quit before he went under again. Doctors don’t know how long he’ll be laid up in the hospital. But even if he fully recuperates, he ain’t coming back. I lost a strong cop that the road needs because of this explosive bastard right here.”


“Then you need me even more now,” Max snapped up at Fifi.  “I’ll take Johnson’s shifts along with mine until you find a replacement. I can handle it.”


Fifi struggled to contain his temper.  He wanted to strangle Max, but other than his much larger weight and height, he didn’t think he’d have any true advantage in a physical confrontation.  “No,” he seethed.  “I want you gone. I don’t want to even see your fucking face around the community. The schedule is MY problem, and you’re off it for two weeks starting right now.”


Max thought about it.  The options weren’t good.  He could continue to fight Fifi until he was fired, unlikely to happen but always a possibility.  He could take the vacation and hate every minute of it, or he could quit.  None of them were to his liking.  Only one thing put a silver lining on the dark cloud.


“Fine, but Goose is coming with me or I’m not coming back.” 


The large man heaved a heavy sigh and did his own thinking for a moment.  That would mean he’d be down THREE men, but with some major schedule juggling, he was fairly sure he could handle it for only two weeks. 


“Ya gotta deal, Rockatansky. Goose,” he said, turning to him. “See you in two weeks too.”


“Ummmm,” Goose started and stared at the floor, as his feet began to shift in a desire to run.  “I can’t unless it’s a paid vacation.”


“Paid vacation?” Fifi shouted.  Is this ever gonna be over?! -  “Ya know we don’t have the money in the budget for that!  I can barely keep the cars on the road with the way you blokes run them into the ground!”


Max’s hand rubbed his face, and he turned back to Fifi.  “Well, there ya have it. I ain’t leaving.”


“I think you should, Max,” Goose spoke barely above a whisper. 


“WHAT?”  Max couldn’t believe it.  Goose was trying to get rid of him!


“Look, it’s just for a couple weeks,” the man hurried to speak.  “I’d come but you know I can’t afford it.”  He didn’t REALLY want Max to leave, but he didn’t want him to continue arguing with Fifi until someone lost the battle permanently.  Saving Max’s job was more important to him than two weeks apart.


“I’ll …. I’ll give you some money,” Max offered.  He could afford it.  His parents had left him a tidy sum along with the beach house, and he had no siblings or other family to take care of.  He had no one.


“I’m not a whore,” Goose couldn’t stop himself from snapping.  As a teenager he had been on his own without family, and he had ended up selling his body a few times for rent money.  It had shamed him so much that he had promised himself he’d never do it again once he had a real job.  Being accepted into the academy had saved his life as far as Goose was concerned, and he never wanted to feel like a piece of sold meat again.


“Did I fucking say that? Did I call you a whore?” 


“No, but it’s the way I’d feel.”  The man was just trying to be honest, and he planned to explain it better to Max later in private.


“I GIVE UP!” Max shouted, his arms flying above his head in exasperation.  “You can both fuck off for all I care!”


Explosive bastard again.


“Max!” Goose shouted after the man who was storming out of the office. 


Fifi collapsed heavily in his chair, thankful it was over and that Max would be gone for a while.  His best cop desperately needed a vacation, whether he wanted to take one or not, and he knew he had done the right thing by forcing the issue.


“Not now, Goose,” Max snarled over his shoulder.  “Tell Fifi I’ll be back next month. I’m outta here.”


He left Goose standing in the yard rolling his eyes heavenward, wondering if he’d ever be able to tame the beast in his man.




Max spent that vacation doing two things …. a week by himself up and down part of the coast trying to relax and rest his mind and body, and another week surrounded by men in the clubs of the city Goose used to frequent.


The first part of the trip worked perfectly; he felt good, more in control of himself and much calmer.  By the end of that week, he was even able to admit to himself that Fifi had been right in forcing him to take a vacation.  He still wished that Goose would have come with him, but he was no longer angry about it.  He really did understand that Goose needed his income to live, and when he got back, he was going to try to find a way to help the guy without making him feel bad about it.


The second part of the vacation was more of an educational trip.  He wanted to see the clubs and meet the men that Goose knew.  He also wanted to be sure that none of them would ever consider coming to the small town looking for what was his and only his now.


The clubs really didn’t surprise him as much as he had thought they would.  He had read just enough to expect a lot of exposed flesh, leather and restraints.  The only thing he hadn’t expected was the live shows; platforms where men willingly let themselves be shackled to walls or posts and then be flogged or paddled.  He even found himself becoming excited at the sights and sounds of it, and he couldn’t wait to try out that paddle on Goose.


More than a few men approached Max during his rounds through the different clubs.  Mostly subs sensing his strength, but also quite a few doms looking for a challenge in breaking one of their own in that way.  Max soon realized from talking to them that often a good dom had been a sub first or just enjoyed the variety of switching occasionally, and it took all his willpower not to laugh out loud at the thought of allowing himself to sub for anyone, even for Goose.


Very politely he turned every single offer down, never touched or let himself be touched, and because the clubs were well maintained with many bouncers, no one ever pushed the issue or tried to pick a fight.  The only thing Max did was watch closely, listen and learn.  It wasn’t until the end of the week that he decided to feel out the men to see who actually knew Jim Goose and had played with him.


Of course, his interest in Goose had to be told to everyone he approached, and Max decided to go with the honest approach.  He simply made it known that Goose was his man, that he was new to their world, and he wanted to know whatever people would tell him about Goose’s history in the clubs.


“Ohhhhh myyyyy gawwwwwd,” a very slight man, dressed like a woman, gushed at realizing who Max was.  “You’re that partner of his he’d talk about when he got drunk. Goosey’s crazy about you. Said he’d never get a chance, but it sure looks like he was wrong.”


“Yeah, we were both wrong about a lot of things,” Max nodded and deliberately gave the man a bright smile.  “So, what did he say about me?”


“Oh nothing much,” the man sighed, swooning slightly at the effect Max was having on him.  “Just said you were the hottest man in Oz and the only man he trusted with his life. Goosey didn’t talk much about private stuff. He just came to have fun like we all do.”


“What kinda fun?” Max questioned.  Was he ever on display? Wear a leash? Gang-banged? -  

“Well,” the man laughed.  “There’s no secrets with so many of us running in the same circles and knowing all the same people. Goosey really likes subbing. He’s great at it and very much in demand.”


“Yeah, I kinda figured that,” Max nodded.  “He do any of this stuff?”  And his arm swept out towards the platforms of men being sexually tormented.


“Not really. He tried once with his first dom when he was first brought into it, but he said he didn’t really like it that intense. Goosey enjoys a bit of a naughty-boy spanking now and then and even nipple clamps and cock rings, but no whips or floggers that I’ve ever heard or seen.”


“So,” a large older man stepped between them, fully dressed like Max and holding the leash of a man trailing behind him, a man that was naked except for a cock and ball device wrapped around his manhood and piercings in each nipple.  “You’re Goose’s new man.”


“Yeah.”  Max looked him up and down, noting the young man on the leash who was staring at him with a haughty look on his face.  “Who are you?”


“Man who taught him everything he knows. How’s my boy doing?”


“That’s MY boy,” Max growled, his hackles rising.


The newcomer just laughed.  Every man who’d topped Goose had felt a bit possessive about him when he was under their care.  It was Goose that had kept moving on, always looking for the right one, never truly happy in his search until Lady Luck had smiled and given him Max.  “Well, you tell ole Goosey that I’ve always got room for one more if he’s ever feeling nostalgic. Sweet piece, and I’d even be willing to trade this one for it again if you’ve a mind to.”


“I don’t,” Max said, glancing over at the boy who look horrified at the thought of being traded.  “And Goose won’t be coming to the city ever again.”


“Your loss,” the man shrugged.  As much as Goose was liked, there were plenty of men like him to go around.




Max left the city the next morning feeling that he had a much better handle on just what tastes Goose was into and which ones he wasn’t.  He was happy to feel that he agreed with his friend.  He didn’t want anything too extreme either, but once he got his hands on Goose’s bedside table of ….. stuff, he’d start going over the catalog he’d picked up, and together they would order things that would never have been used on Goose by another man.  They would be Max’s …. stuff, he would throw all of Goose’s away, and the new ….. stuff would be kept in his car for whenever he wanted to play with his man.  Images of them going at it in his car on the side of the road in daylight now were suddenly not nearly as embarrassing as he had once thought.


Arriving home after dark, it was late enough to just grab a shower and hit the bed, thoughts of calling Goose pushed from his mind until morning.  Little did Max know, Goose knew he was there.  He had been staking out Max’s house for the last few days, waiting for the man to show. 


Goose missed him terribly and was in desperate need of attention.  Max had been gone for two weeks and hadn’t “released” his sub to take care of himself, and he was hoping that they could kiss and make up before work, well, at least make up, as he had a feeling that Max wasn’t ready for any kissing yet.


Max wasn’t thinking about anything but getting some sleep after a long day’s drive, and the last thing he wanted to face was an intruder in his house the moment he heard footsteps in his living room.  The person who was walking in his home was being very quiet, but whenever it concerned Max and his personal safety, no one could ever be quiet enough.


Bolting from the bed with his gun in hand, he padded silently down the hallway in just his boxers and waited for the intruder to turn the corner.


“JESUS CHRIST! he shouted, as his gun pushed into the intruder’s abdomen and he almost pulled the trigger.  Only the now familiar scent of James Goose recognized by his “mate” was what saved his life in the darkness.


Goose didn’t move, although he smiled and cocked his head innocently.  “Sorry. Was hoping to surprise you.”


“Surprise me? With getting your guts splattered on my floor? Get your ass in there!” he hollered, waving the gun towards his bedroom.


Goose ran down that hallway as fast as he could and bounced right onto Max’s bed, sitting at the head of it, his back against the headboard with his legs spread a little, waiting.  He’d been in the room a few times over the years, but he had never sat on it in quite that way before.


Max deliberately took his time, checking the lock on the door that Goose had broken and fixing it first.  When he was satisfied it would hold, he grabbed a couple of beers and sauntered into the bedroom.  It didn’t look like he was going to get any sleep after all.




“Don’t ever break into my house again,” he warned him, as he stepped into the dimly lit room.  “I really coulda killed ya, Goose.”


“I won’t,” he promised.  “I’ll call next time.”


“Good. Now, aren’t you going to welcome me back?”


Goose smiled so wide he thought his face would split open.  He crawled across the bed and wrapped his arms around Max’s waist at the foot of the bed.  Max had finally become his teddy bear, and the man was fairly comfortable with it too.


When he felt Max begin to pull away, he moved his head off his stomach, dropped his arms and looked up at him.  “Did you have a nice vacation?”


“Yeah,” Max smiled wickedly.  “Went clubbing in the city.”


“You ..... you did?”   Goose’s eyes went wide, filled with both surprise that Max would go there and worry that he had been seduced.


“I did. Met some of your old boyfriends. Heard all about you.”


“Oh god, Max! Don’t believe any of it! I’m not into all that!”


Max laughed and ruffled the soft blond hair the way he had wanted to in the past but hadn’t quite been able to.  “I know. But I did meet your first dom. He offered to trade me for you.”


“What did you tell him?”  - Max would never trade me …. would he? Please god, don’t tell me I created a monster! -


Franken-Max shrugged nonchalantly.  “Told him I haven’t finished test driving you yet, that I’d get back to him for a trade-in.”


“You fuck!” Goose shouted, not noticing the slight smirk on Max’s face, and shot out of the bed for the door, infuriated.


Max’s hand whipped out, grabbing tight to Goose’s arm, and pulled the man off balance.  Stumbling, Goose fell into Max, who fell onto the bed, covered by Goose’s form sprawled on top of him.


“I ain’t being with no one else!” Goose shouted and tried to disentangle himself.


“Calm down, mate,” Max laughed, realizing the irony of telling his friend to calm when it was usually the other way around with them.


“What’s so fucking funny?” Goose snapped down at Max, although his body was still pressed on the man.


“You!” Max snorted.  “I was only kidding. Didn’t expect ya to get so riled over it.”


“Well, what did you expect?” Goose protested indignantly.  “I got nothing compared to some of those blokes in the city! How could ya NOT want to trade me to be with one of them?”


“Goose,” Max said very quietly and rolled the man under him.  “You’ve got EVERYthing I want. Wouldn’t trade ya for a million pretty boys on leashes.”


“Are you saying I’m not pretty?” Goose suddenly laughed, feeling better.


“Hell yeah. You’re butt ugly, but I may just put a leash on you anyways,” Max quipped and planted a light kiss on his nose.


Something new again.


Other than when Max had cried into his neck in the shower, it was the first time Goose had felt Max’s lips on him, a deliberate kiss, and it made him smile with pride.  “I’d wear a cat’s bell collar for you.”


“I know,” Max grinned, thinking about the collar he was actually going to buy for Goose soon, a nice thick black leather one to fit tightly yet comfortably around his sub’s neck, engraved with a big M on it   “But right now I don’t want ya wearing anything. Strip for me.”


“Yes Sir!” Goose shouted as Max moved to sit in a chair and watch.  Having seen the men do it in the clubs, he couldn’t wait to see Goose perform.


The clothes came off slowly, piece by piece as Goose moved smoothly, seductively in the way he had been taught long ago.  By the time he had everything off, Max was standing, rubbing himself a little over his boxers, and he looked down with approval at his sub, who was looking back up at him through lowered lids with the thickest most beautiful blond lashes Max had ever seen.  He IS beautiful! Can’t believe I never saw it before! –


“Get in bed,” Max ordered huskily. He couldn’t keep the lust out of his voice.  He wanted Goose THAT bad.


Goose turned around slowly, crawled across the bed on his hands and knees and waited for further instructions.  He was assuming that Max still wouldn’t be up to the intimacy of taking him in any other way.  He was assuming wrong.


Max climbed onto the bed and ran his hands for the first time over the smooth buttocks that were high in the air, arching towards him.  Both men shivered, even more so when Max ran his hands over the long back, down sculpted arms and then down each leg.  It was as if Max really wanted to touch Goose finally.  Get a feel for the body that was his to do with as he pleased.  Bond with it.


With a slight push, Max expressed his desire for Goose to turn and lay on his back.  Max wasn’t really interested in playing a game anymore.  He wanted to be close to Goose, experience intimacy with a man he would die for in a minute.  He was soaring on a whole new plane of life, and he wanted to experience so much more with the man beneath him.


“I missed you,” he purred into Goose’s neck, as he kissed and nibbled at the skin.   Goose tasted so good he didn’t know how he could have waited so long. 


“Missed you too,” Goose sighed and gasped when Max’s teeth began nipping at his ear, his tongue licking at it, teasing it, driving him to clench the sheets in his hands, still afraid to touch the man without permission.


The mouth moved to explore more, kissing, licking and biting lightly around Goose’s face, the other side of his neck and ear until Max had tasted and felt everything except for the lips, an act he wasn’t quite up for yet.  He wanted intimacy, but actually kissing another man full on the lips was going to be the last step.


Again the mouth moved, further down to kiss at Goose’s chest, and one hand followed it, together tickling through the light dusting of golden hair and around the nipples until they peaked up hard at Max, inviting him to suckle.


Into his mouth he pulled one while he pinched quite firmly on the other, pulling one with his teeth and one with his fingers as he listened to Goose squeal and thrash, encouraging him to continue.  “Max! Oh god! Harder! Harder!”


Goose was panting, his hips thrusting up at Max’s still covered ones, and Max suddenly sat up, not wanting Goose to lose total control but not wanting to actually tell him to stop.  “What? What?” Goose cried at the sudden loss of body contact.  “Did I do something wrong?”


“No, Goose,” Max chuckled at seeing the man’s flushed face.  He couldn’t believe how sensitive Goose’s body was.  It was like a piece of art, an instrument, and Max loved being the only player on it, the only artist to shape and mold it to his ideal of perfection.


“Just getting ready,” he explained quietly, pushed a pillow under Goose and then pulling a tube of lubricant out of his bedside drawer.  “Not taking any chances.”


Goose nodded, thankful that he wouldn’t have to stop Max and tell him himself now.  Max had learned from his mistake, and Goose breathed an inner sigh of relief at that.


“Spread your legs.”


Max didn’t hesitate.  The moment the man opened himself, holding his legs up and out in the air to give Max easy access, Max pushed a slicked finger against the muscle and carefully watched Goose’s face. 


It was perfection, he thought.  The further he pushed with that finger, the more emotion-filled Goose’s face became.  And when a second finger joined the first, Max grinned proudly at Goose’s loud “OHHHHH!” that echoed through the house. 


“You like two?” he asked.


“Yes, yes, yes,” Goose panted, bearing down on them.


“Want more?”


“Oh god yes, Max, more!”


The third finger slid in just as easily as the first two, Goose cried out again, and Max began stretching, pushing deeply, working the muscle in preparation of what was to come. 


“Please, please, please!”


“What do you want, Goose?”


“Your cock! Fuck me with your cock! Please fuck me!”


“Sure you’re healed enough? Don’t wanna hurt ya,” Max couldn’t help but tease.


“For the love of god! Fuck me! I’m ready! I’m ready!”


“Well, if you’re gonna beg, I wouldn’t wanna be accused of being a lousy lover,” he chuckled, pulled out his fingers and quickly coated himself with the lube.


It was time.  Both parties were ready, as ready as they would ever be.


“YESSSSSS!” Goose howled at the feeling of being filled swiftly by Max’s length.  He had slid right in with no resistance; no pain to anyone, and it was sweet paradise for them both. 


With a moan of pleasure, Max settled himself down on top of Goose’s chest, partially supporting his weight on his forearms while they faced each other.  Goose’s hands didn’t stop that time; they clutched around Max’s back and shoulders, kneading the muscles, squeezing and rubbing as he was being rubbed so well from within. 


Max didn’t complain a bit at being touched so much, not even when Goose turned even more daring and moved his hands lower down towards the boundary of forbidden territory at the top of his ass.  He was too involved in their joining to care at the moment.  His face moved into the scent of his man, kissing again that sweet tender flesh of the neck while he thrusted slowly at first, wanting to last.  In response, Goose’s legs wrapped tight around Max’s hips, drawing him in as deep as he could.  He didn’t want it to end too soon either.


But it almost did, and not in the way either wanted.


The exploring hands went too far.  Max stiffened at feeling them right on his buttocks, and in warning he bit hard, harder than ever before into the neck of his sub.  Goose yelped in pain, his hands flew back up to Max’s shoulders, and he forced himself not to struggle as Max continued to apply pressure with his teeth.


The man knew he had made a mistake, but he did trust Max not to go too far in punishment, although he knew he was going to have quite the mark on his flesh for the foolish transgression. 


In less than a minute it was over, though.  Max released him and started the rhythm again, and Goose soon forgot all about the throbbing in his neck, only grinning to himself about the badge of his dom that he would wear with pride the next day for all to see. 


On it went, the sound of two bodies meeting, two bodies moaning and groaning, until Max finally increased the pace, ready to slam his sub to completion.  “Yes! Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder!” Goose urged.  He was ready too.


Being filled, his manhood being pressed between their hard bodies, all it took was one pull on it by Max’s hand, surprising him to feel the grasp when he hadn’t been expecting it.  Goose wailed, Max roared and they both came together, shaking the bed so violently with the force of it that it crashed to the floor with a loud BANG!


- WHAT THE FUCK? -  Max’s nerves were shot from what Goose had just done to him, he wasn’t thinking straight, and at the feel of the bed falling under him and hearing the sharp noise it made, he went right into his kill-zone.  Out came his sawed-off shotgun kept hidden under the other pillow, and with a shout of fury at thinking they were being attacked, he blew a hole in the hallway wall outside the bedroom door, sure that someone must have been standing there.


Another blast in another wall and he realized his error.  Goose was laughing hysterically, heaving so much that Max’s body, still joined with his, was moving with it.  Max hadn’t even withdrawn when he had shot both barrels, and he fell back down on Goose laughing along with him. 


By the time they quieted, Max had slid out and was lying on his side, pulling Goose to spoon with him for the rest of the night, as they each downed a beer in thirsty relief.  “We’re gonna have to rent rooms so I don’t wreck my house rooting you,” he rumbled softly behind the man’s ear while holding him tight to the curve of his body.  People never would have guessed it by Max’s tough outer image, but he was really quite the cuddler when it came to after-sex.


“Yeah, and I know a real nice one a couple hours away we can try first,” Goose teased, thinking of the place where it had all began.


“Sounds good to me, but don’t think I’m gonna get drunk again and let you take advantage of me,” he chuckled lightly.


“Anything you say, Sir. Long as I don’t have to sleep on the floor again.”


“Oh, go to sleep, Goose.”


“Is that an order?”






Come morning, for a moment Max wasn’t sure who was in bed with him, as the person was doing something to him he’d never felt before.  Not only was Goose laying low in the bed with his mouth working over Max’s swiftly hardening manhood, he had a lubricated finger pressing directly on the man’s prostate, and Max didn’t know what to do.


The feeling was incredible.  He didn’t want Goose to stop, but he was more than a little upset at the same time, angry that he had been tricked while he was sleeping.


“You little bastard,” he growled down at him between groans.  “Gonna make you pay for this. Make you pay good.”


His hands never moved to strike Goose or push him away, though, and Goose just smiled up at him with his mouth full while his finger worked hard to make Max squirm.   He was very much looking forward to being made to pay. 


“Fucker, fucker, fucker, fucker,” Max panted, feeling an intense orgasm coming.  He was bearing down on the finger, knowing that it was a large part of the unique pleasure he was feeling, and as much as he hated the idea of it, he had to admit to himself that he was loving it too.  It was only a finger, right?  Not a cock, and he HAD considered it already, so was he really THAT mad at Goose?  No, not anymore.  How could he stay mad when the man knew just what buttons to push to pleasure him?  He couldn’t.  But he would damn well find something in his house to redden Goose’s ass with later as a punishment they would both enjoy.


The moment Max’s seed entered him, Goose braved a second finger, and Max bucked so hard in response that he almost flipped Goose right off him.   “Enough!” he shouted, and Goose quickly pulled them both out while the man’s organ continued jumping within his mouth. 


“Damn, Goose,” Max groaned, his hands stretched out in supplication as the orgasm tapered off.  “You do that to your other doms?”


“Yes,” Goose said very quietly, wondering if he was going to be yelled at.  “All the guys I know like it once they try it.”


“I’m not all guys.”


“I know, Max. Sorry. Just ….. just wanted you to see. I’d never …. Not more than that. I swear. I wouldn’t even try.”


“Come here.”


Immediately he crawled up Max’s body and settled himself on the man.  “Not mad at me?” he asked into the blue eyes staring into his.


“Nahhhhh,” Max smiled.  “But I’m serious. I ain’t bottoming for ya …. EVER. Fingers and mouth are it. I won’t bite ya next time you touch.”


Goose laughed.  “A little bite I can live with. I like it.”  - YES! Gonna taste you everywhere today! -


“Slut,” he murmured and moved his head up just enough to kiss the man’s chin.


“Only for you.”


“Tricky bitch.”  And his lips landed on a cheek.


“Works for me.”


“Tease.”  And another kiss was placed on the other cheek.


“You love it.”


“Yes, I do,” Max agreed and pulled Goose’s head down to plant a firm kiss right on the man’s lips.  The final act of intimacy was being taken, and Max was determined to enjoy it with a man as much or more so than he had enjoyed it with women.  Max was a man that really did like to kiss, and he hoped that Goose did too.


Moving right into it, he didn’t give him even a chance to gasp in surprise.  Their lips were locked, Max opened his, and his tongue insistently pushed out, demanding entrance that was eagerly given.  Jim Goose was a kisser too.


The hand stayed on the back of Goose’s head as they kissed passionately, the other moving down his body to caress the man’s buttocks, and Goose ground his hips down against Max’s, bringing their first bare flesh contact in that area to them both, as their manhoods finally pressed together with no barrier between them. 


“Knees,” Max moaned at the delightful new sensations.  He couldn’t believe how fast he had hardened already.  Goose brought him to life much quicker than anyone had before, and he was burning with the need to join fully with him again.  – Next time I’ll let Goose sit on it, do what he wants, but right now I gotta see myself slamming into that hot ass of his. Gotta see his body jumping while I ram him hard. –


“Max?” Goose whimpered and buried his face into Max’s neck to say what he wanted, what he needed to say before he happily obeyed the man’s command.


“Whaaaat?” the man sighed at feeling Goose kissing his neck.  Now that Goose had finally kissed Max’s lips, the man was reasonably sure he was allowed to kiss other places too.


“I want to tell you something,” he breathed into his ear with a roll of his tongue within.  “But I’m afraid.”


“Stop,” Max ordered and grabbed Goose’s head with both hands to hold him still and look up at him closely.  “I think I can take anything now, mate. Don’t be afraid of me. Say it.”


“Promise you won’t walk out? Promise we can talk about it if you want to?”


“Of course. Talk about anything you want.”


With a silent prayer to himself, he poured out his heart.  “I love you, Max.”


The man’s hands fell from Goose’s face, and for a moment those blue eyes flickered at the safety of the door, considering running.  – Loves me? REALLY loves me? No one has since Mom and Pops. I’m not lovable. I’m a volatile asshole around men who only lives to ride the white line. How can Goose love me? –


“Goose, I ahhh …. ahhh…. I don’t know what to say.”


“Don’t say anything. I just had to tell you. It’s OK if you don’t feel the same way. I still can’t believe we’re even together like this. I don’t expect you to love me too.”


“But that’s just it!” Max cried and searched the man’s eyes.  “I’ve loved you ever since that day I couldn’t find you! Thought you were dead and wanted to die too! Just didn’t think I deserved it back with how I acted for so long about all this. All those months. Didn’t think you wanted me for anything more than friendship and  …… and .….”


“Your big fat cock?” Goose smiled.  – HE LOVES ME! MAX LOVES ME! -  “I’ve been in love with you long before I saw you aroused, mate. I think that’s why I finally took that chance in the motel. Thought I could live without knowing, but I couldn’t ….. Had to know.  Had to know if we could have something ….. anything.”


“Thank god you did,” Max growled with desire and rolled them over.  “I love ya, Jim Goose. Now get on your bloody hands and knees for me.”


“Yes Sir!  Goose cried and moved to comply.


The sun streamed into the room’s windows, the day was warming, and Max gazed down at the person he wanted to spend his life with, share his bed with every night.  As soon as he could, he’d get Goose to move in with him.  There was no reason not to, and then he’d be able to take care of the man without making him feel uncomfortable.  They would take care of each other, working, loving and living.   Neither would have to be alone during the long nights.


With a grunt he entered his lover from behind, taking him tenderly but also with a force that hinted at what was to come very soon.  Max was gay.  Max was dom.  Max was home.